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The sales volume of xsx / s in the same period is lower than that of x1 ps5 and higher than that of PS4

The following is the The sales volume of xsx / s in the same period is lower than that of x1 ps5 and higher than that of PS4 recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Game console.

Since its launch in November, the Xbox series X / s has sold 2.8 million units, slightly lower than the 2.9 million Xbox one sold in the same period, according to ampere analytics research. The sales volume of ps5 after-sales exceeded that of PS4 in the same period. PS4 sold 4.2 million units in the first few months of after-sales in November 2013. According to Sony’s financial report last week, ps5 has sold 4.5 million units.

It is also worth noting that the PS4 did not achieve this goal when it was put on sale at the first time in Japan’s domestic market. It was not put on sale until the first quarter of 2014 in Japan, while the ps5 was put on sale worldwide at the same time.

However, Sony’s public data usually only represents the sales data of retailers or shipments, while ampere company says that its data focuses on the data of direct sales to consumers (that is, there is no cattle’s hoarding data).

Ampere also predicts that by the end of March 2021, ps5 sales will reach 7.6-8 million units, which will bring ps5 sales to 7.5 million units in the same period. Although the Xbox series s is the cheapest next-generation host and has more than three times the market of Xbox one, the production of Microsoft’s host is still 100000 units lower than that of the previous quarter.

Ampere said that although Microsoft is attracting more ordinary users to make money through Xbox game pass, game console, PC and even mobile phone, and does not rely on traditional hardware sales, Microsoft believes that Xbox series X / s will still be the cornerstone of Xbox business at least before 2025.

By contrast, Nintendo had a wonderful year, with 26.3 million switch sales, surpassing the 24.5 million best sales created by Wii era.

New sales volume of next generation host xsx / s ps5vgchartz: global sales volume of ps5 / xsx / switch in 2020 compared with 40% market share of ps5 latest sales volume of next generation host xsx / s ps5vgchartz: sales volume of PS4 has exceeded 80 million by June 2018 Sony: sales volume of PS4 has exceeded 7 million by April 6, 2014 Create: switch’s sales volume in Japan has exceeded the sum of PS4 regular edition and slim edition in five years. The number of first-episode players of steam in cyberpunk 2077 has exceeded 410000 and is soaring. Vgchartz: the global sales volume of PS4 has reached 88.05 million units, which has surpassed PS3. Data interpretation: the sales volume of PS4 is 5.3 million units. The momentum of PS4 remains unchanged. Strategy Analytics: it is estimated that the global ps5 shipment will reach 4.6 million units in 2020 As of January 2, 2021, sales details of seven major hosts / handhelds vgchartz: Sales of Sony’s PS3 Beat Microsoft’s Xbox onevgchartz: Sales of PS4 / xb1 in August 2019 are still the same as those of the previous generation vgchartz: the latest sales of Microsoft’s Xbox one is about 7.6 million units, and Sony expects to sell 3 million PS4 units during Christmas in 2013

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