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The following is the Top 10 annual game “FF7 reprint” in 2020 From Ign Japan recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Game console.

Today (December 10) ign Japan has selected its top 10 games of the year in 2020, including the last survivor 2, final fantasy 7: remaking, and ghost to the island. The scope of the selection is from December 1, 2019 to November 30, 2020. The European and American Games are subject to the Japanese version, and the Games must support Japanese. More than 20 members of ign Japan team selected the results.

1. Final Fantasy 7: Remaking

This game makes many people look forward to it. It’s a game with halo before it’s released. It’s really one of the best games in 2020. The way the whole game world is made is amazing. Harmonious combat design, interactive sound effect, simple and thorough UI / UX, and on the basis of the original version of the complete re production, so that the game has a stronger sense of substitution. It’s not as innovative as the only wolf, but it’s successful in bringing together a lot of pieces. The story of the game is far fetched, but when players think that this is only the first chapter, they will inevitably be full of expectations for the next work.

2. The last survivor 2

This new game is a joy. Due to the narrative requirements of “the last survivor 2”, the emotional attachment of players to the game characters is restrained, and many details of the design even make people feel repulsive. But this is the exact expression of the creator’s belief. Although the game is controversial, there is no doubt that it is open to all and open to the future.

3. Come on! Animal Crossing Society

Come on! In animal animal society, game player lives in a small island on the uninhabited island, and he gets together with friends and family occasionally. This is the meaning of Animal Friends Club. This is a great game. In this era when relatives and friends can’t get together often, the fireworks festival, Halloween and Christmas activities in the game may make people more unforgettable, and the communication in the game may even become people’s salvation.

4. Half life: Alex

Half life: Alex is one of the symbolic works of V society. For a VR shooting game, its quality is first-class. The first half of the game rhythm is slow, mainly to terror. In the second half of the period, the rhythm was accelerated, with gun fighting as the main method. Just as half life is the FPS game benchmark, half life: Alex will be the future of VR games.

5. Astronaut’s recreation room

As a ps5 built-in free game, “astronaut’s entertainment room” content and details are very rich, and there are a variety of creative, amazing. The game uses the ps5 handle function, so that players can feel the different feeling of Astro moving on the glass and sand. The adaptive trigger and action control of the handle also increase the diversity of the game.

6. The ghost of Ma Dao

Ghost of the island is a unique open world game with excellent production. It is a realistic Samurai Game. Ren is a warrior who values honor. But in the face of many enemies, players must gradually give up fair fighting. The combination of this story and the playing method of he is perhaps the most significant achievement of the game.

7. Tian Sui Zhi Dao Ji

From sorting rice seeds, transplanting rice seedlings to harvesting, you will learn how to cultivate in a real way in “Tian Sui Zhi Dao Ji”. You will grow up with your peers and gradually learn to grow quality rice, which is a special process. The game will slow you down and learn about Japan’s ancient rice farming and food culture, which has been carefully considered.

8. The destroyer: Eternity

In “destroyer: eternity,” the experience of chasing demons evolves again. The newly added elements such as sprint improve the comfort of the game; the elements of destroying enemy parts and weakening weapons make it more difficult to knock down the enemy. Excellent background music makes players adrenaline surge and indulge in it.

9. Rulong 7: the direction of light and darkness

“Ru long 7” may be the first round RPG game in the series of “Ru long”. There are many innovations in this work, such as the detail specification of commanding RPG battle on the spot, and the balance of the game. Many players are dissatisfied with the changes in the way the game is played, but when they really play it, they will find that it is an excellent game.

10. Short journey

“Short journey” in the player needs to control Claire, through jumping flight and other ways, in the park for a short journey. On the way, you will get golden feathers, which will make your body lighter and expand the scope of exploration. No matter who you meet, you can get interesting responses, and the ending of the game is very moving.

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