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On Christmas Eve, gameinformation brings us the top 10 games of 2020. In this extraordinary year, some incredible adventures have helped us through an unprecedented difficult time. Making game itself is an art, which brings us a pleasant experience by combining interesting mechanism and moving story. Therefore, gameinformation also brings us the top 10 game developers in 2020.

10. Studio Yubi MONTRELl: Assassin’s Creed: the hall of souls

“Assassin’s Creed: the hall of souls” leads players through the emotional and turbulent journey of the Viking era, elaborately creating a deeply rooted story. Whether it’s old fans or new players, “the hall of souls” let us experience the adventure, difficult choices, life trials and tribulations on the edge of responsibility and honor.

9. Skowell Enix: Final Fantasy 7 remake

“Final Fantasy 7” is one of the most popular works in this IP. Square Enix recreates middlegar with the help of modern graphic technology, pushing the stories of Claude, Alice and Tifa to a new height. Although some aspects of the remake are faithful to the original, the team also adds fresh narration, which helps to make it feel like a new experience without losing the “home” feeling that remakes often inspire

Although this is only the first chapter of Final Fantasy 7 remaking, the performance of the first chapter makes us look forward to the new content brought by our studio.

8. Moon studies – Olympian day and firefly will

There’s not always a guarantee that the sequel will surpass the original in terms of games, but “Olympian day and firefly will” did that earlier this year. Moon studio makes a wonderful story, an amazing artwork.

7. Media: tangdou man: the final elimination

Mediatonic in the type of big escape game, produced “sugar bean man” such a main playful style of the game, the only goal of the game is to create as much fun as possible, refreshing.

6. Ryu GA Gotoku Studio – “Rulong 7”

“Rulong” is an IP with a long history, always with Tongsheng Yima as the leading role. But studio Ryu GA Gotoku boldly decided to change the lead role in dragon 7. Although “Rulong 7” is absolutely faithful to the core of the series and achieves a balance between heavy themes and funny scenes, the studio is not afraid to try something new.

The new protagonist, chunriyifan, is so pure, interesting and even heartbreaking in many ways. He won the rights of the protagonist with a good disposition and a kind heart.

5. V Society — “half life: Alex”

V club has made it clear in the past that it will not launch a sequel to half life unless the team is sure it can influence the game industry in a meaningful way. “Alex” has been fully polished, shocking in graphics and game, and brings the universe into life with amazing details.

4. Nintendo – set! Animal Crossing Society

Gather! The animal friends club is just the latest in a series of games, but the game is on sale when it is most needed. “Dynamic forest” was released at the beginning of the new crown isolation. This game not only provides the urgent need of escapism, but also becomes the hub of unlimited experience for those who are eager for social interaction. Players have used the game to hold in-game weddings, birthday parties – and even work meetings!

Nintendo’s team, relying on the ever-changing events and the influx of players, makes the “set up! “Animal Crossing” has become a bright spot in the year’s gloomy year.

3. Sucker punch: Ghost of Malaysia

It’s an unforgettable Samurai story, even if he betrayed what he wanted to protect. Jing Jing Ren’s journey is very delicate, combining the game mechanism with the beautiful open world to explore. Many times, it feels like an old samurai movie. Even if you feel that the whole world is aiming at you, it will remind you of the meaning of becoming a samurai.

2. Naughty dog — the last survivor 2

The last survivor 2 adopts some split narrative methods, but this does not prevent the success of this sequel. Ellie’s latest journey is extremely dark. Naughty dog uses professional artistic skills to make sequels, and the studio makes bold and unforgettable story decisions.

1. Super games – Heidi

From “fortress” to “transistor”, and now to “Hades”, supergiant has always proved to be one of the main developers of the game. With the release of “Hades”, they finally reached the peak. After two years of adjusting the game, supergiant successfully took advantage of the repetitiveness of the roguelike style and applied it to the narration of “Hades”. Behind all the action, focusing on the relationship and the role, Hades is truly unique.

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