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2020 is a year of hard times, but fortunately, there are still characters in the game that can bring us some warmth. Foreign media gameinformation has selected the top ten game moments in 2020, among which the warm scene of Ellie and Joel in the museum in the last survivor 2 won the first place.

The reason why gameinformation selected the last survivor 2 Museum: there are many violent and bloody scenes in last survivor 2, but just because of this, the quiet and beautiful moments are so eye-catching. Ellie was surprised when Joel gave her a museum trip on her birthday. They sat in the spacecraft on display in the museum, and Ellie listened to the rocket launch recording Joel gave him. When the recording sent Ellie into space, she closed her eyes and listened devoutly. This private and tender moment highlights the relationship between Ellie and Joel, which is worthy of being the best game moment in 2020.

Top 10 game moments in 2020:

10. See your home Microsoft Flight Simulator

9. The last hit: the Royal version of goddess’s strange news

8. Breaking into the vault half life: Alex

7. catch the Yellow hairtail “Animal Friends Club”

6. The rhinoceros Chase: Marvel Spiderman: Myers moras

5. Become a real war ghost

4. Save Nancy’s Dragon 7

3. Review the opening animation “Final Fantasy 7 remaking”

2. The final boss war “guide to the use of space robot wireless controller”

1. The last survivor 2

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