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Recently, the famous foreign game media GameInformer has rated the top 10 games in 2020, among which Sony’s masterpiece “the last survivor 2” won the first place. GameInformer said that “last survivor 2” is not only the best game of the year in 2020, but also the top game on the retiring PS4.

GameInformer said that the ending of the first episode of “the last survivor” was excellent, and many players questioned whether Joel and Ellie’s story needed a sequel. After reaching such an unprecedented height, some people think that the naughty dog can only go downhill after the first film of the last survivor. This idea is obviously wrong, “the last survivor 2” is even higher than the first one, challenging the limits of single player games and the expectations of players, creating an unforgettable and heartbreaking perspective on what people do in the name of love.

“The last survivor 2” revolves around Ellie’s journey, but the naughty dog also explores complex themes in the plot, requiring players to think about events from different perspectives. This adds a surprising ambiguities and nuances to the characters who perform vividly. With bold narrative ambition, intense playfulness and meticulous technical execution, “last survivor 2” is not only the best game of the year in 2020, but also the top game on the retiring PS4.

GameInformer reviews top 10 games in 2020

1. The last survivor 2

2. Hades

3. The ghost of Malaysia

4. Rulong 7: the direction of light and darkness

5. Spirit and firefly will

6. Come on! Animal Friends Club

7. Assassin’s Creed: the hall of Heroes

8. Half life: Alex

9. Final version: Fantasy

10. Dushen: the rise of Fennis

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