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Xbox series X / s beat PS 5 in UK hardware sales in January 2021 From GamesIndustry

The following is the Xbox series X / s beat PS 5 in UK hardware sales in January 2021 From GamesIndustry recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Game console.

Foreign media The Xbox series X / S is the UK’s best-selling console in January 2021, which means the xsx|s beat the ps5, according to Christopher drilling, the boss of the Xbox series. It’s also the first month that Xbox’s new console has won total sales, as it won’t lead in November or December 2020.

“Xsx / s was the best-selling host in the UK last month. In the past three months, there have been three different models of Hegemony: ps5 in November, switch in December and xsx / s in January. “

In terms of new hosts, the UK host market may be subject to as many restrictions as the US and Japan markets, or even more. The source of goods may be a factor in determining which host’s total monthly sales. As a result, Xbox may be more successful than its competitors in providing more Xbox series X / s hosts.

How Xbox increased the supply of mainframe computers in the UK to make it sell more than Sony and Nintendo is an interesting question in itself. This may mean that Xbox will be more targeted at the UK region, or it may mean that Xbox has increased overall production capacity. Of course, the advantage of Xbox may just be a fluke, because with the emergence of more Xbox series X / s hosts, ps5 and switch are still on the cargo ship.

Given past trends, the UK remains a very promising market for Xbox. For example, during Black Friday in 2019, Xbox one sold more than PS4 and Nintendo switch. If there is a market in which Xbox can catch up with or even surpass ps5, it may be the UK.

More from 3DMGAME: the sales volume of gameingsmart: PS 5 is almost twice that of Xbox series s|x. the Online Resale volume of stockx: PS 5 is nearly twice that of Xbox series X. ludostrie: PS 5 has sold 107000 units in France, nearly three times that of Xbox series. DFC Intelligence: ps5 will still be the best-selling game console vgchartz: the latest sales volume of next generation console Xsx / s North America anti super ps5vgm: the survey shows that the reservation volume of next generation host PS 5 accounts for as much as 70% vgchartz: the sales volume of PS 5 is 3.3 million units four weeks before its launch vgchartz: it is estimated that the global sales volume of PS 5 will be 2.1-2.5 million units on the day of its launch VGC: the sales volume of PS 5 will be hot in the UK, surpassing PS4, setting a new sales record. Since its launch in November 2020, the sales volume of Sony’s PS 5 has exceeded 4.5 million units Sony: it is estimated that the sales volume of PS 5 will be Inside Games: the survey shows that many Japanese users don’t like the change of PS 5 handle to x key. Takashi Mochizuki: it’s estimated that the cumulative sales of PS 5 will eventually exceed 200 million NPD: Sony’s PS 5 is the highest monthly sales volume in the United States. Mediaradar: Sony’s advertising cost for the first launch of PS 5 is three times that of Microsoft

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