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It is expected that global smartphone shipments will rebound in 2021, with an increase of 11% From Gartner

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According to foreign media reports, like countless other industries, the mobile phone sales industry will also be hit hard in 2020. The industry’s sales fell by 10.5% in 2020, thanks to the fact that covid-19 first significantly reduced the supply of equipment and then reduced consumer demand for it. For manufacturers, the blow in 2020 will be quite severe.

However, new data from Gartner shows that mobile phone shipments in the new year will rebound to pre-2020 levels. The company forecasts that the global equipment shipment will reach 1.5 billion units in 2021, an overall growth of 11.4%. In fact, in Q4 last year, we saw the beginning of the rebound. At that time, the decline continued to slow down, which was largely due to the record quarterly sales of iPhone.

And that heralds the beginning of what Apple calls a “super cycle.”. In the past few years, as the price of the device has risen, the features have become less attractive, and consumers have begun to slow down the upgrade speed of the device, because they feel that their existing devices are also very good, and they do not need to follow the standard 2-3-year upgrade mode.

Analysts pointed out that at the beginning of last year, 5g was a clear transit to reverse the decline in sales, but a global pandemic largely destroyed all this. However, if there is any impact, it is that the iPhone delayed its listing due to the new crown. In fact, it has ushered in a strong quarter for the company. It not only caught up with holiday sales in time, but also the listing of multiple vaccines indicates that the company may return to normal to some extent.

According to new data, the long-awaited 5g growth will continue in 2021, while it will also rapidly promote the next generation wireless network at a price acceptable to consumers.

Gartner pointed out in the report that more and more 5g networks and more kinds of 5g smart phones will stimulate the demand from mature markets and China, while the demand from emerging countries will be driven by buyers, who hope to have smart phones with better specifications and 5g connection function. Gartner predicts that global sales of 5g smart phones will reach 539 million units in 2021, accounting for 35% of the total sales of smart phones in 2021.

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