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According to the latest data, the total market value of global stocks broke through the $100 trillion mark for the first time. The market expects that the new crown vaccine will promote economic recovery, and large-scale monetary easing measures and fiscal stimulus policies in various countries have also promoted the rise of stock prices. At present, the total market value of global stocks has exceeded 20% of global GDP, which is a record high. However, there are concerns about the overheating of the stock market.

According to quick FactSet, the market value of global stocks reached $1.87 billion as of Friday, December 18. It is 17% higher than the end of 2019 before the epidemic, a record high. After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in March, stock prices around the world plummeted, and the total market value of stocks once shrank to $59 trillion, but then it continued to rise with the support of policies.

From the perspective of various industries, the stock market value of software and other technology service industries increased by 57%, ranking first among major industries. Second, consumer durables, including car and game related products, grew by 47%. Health care also reached 28%.

On the other hand, the energy sector was the biggest loser, with a 17% decline in the total market value of stocks. The financial sector, where profits shrank under massive monetary easing, also fell by 5%.

From the perspective of different countries and regions, China and the United States play a driving role in the growth of total market value. Among them, the total market value of US stocks increased by 21%, reaching US $42 trillion, while the total market value of a shares increased by 48%, exceeding US $9 trillion. Japan’s stock market grew only 10% and stopped at $7 trillion, widening the gap with China. European stock markets grew 6%, in a state of sluggish growth.

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