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According to data released today by IFI claims patent services, the world’s leading patent database provider, in 2020, the U.S. patent and Trademark Office (PTO) granted 352013 patents, a year-on-year decrease of 1%. According to the data, IBM won 9130 patents last year, a year-on-year decline of 1%, dominating for 28 consecutive years. Samsung Electronics ranked second with 6415 patents, slightly lower than the number of 6469 in 2019. Canon ranked third with 3225 patents, compared with 3548 in 2019.

The fourth to tenth places were Microsoft (2905), Intel (2867), TSMC (2833), LG Electronics (2831), apple (2792), Huawei (2761) and Qualcomm (2276).

Besides Huawei, BOE has won 2144 patents, ranking 13th. In 2019, BOE won 2177 patents, also ranking 13th. In 2019, Huawei ranked 10th and won 2418 patents.

In addition, Amazon ranked 11th with 2244 patents; Google ranked 17th with 1817 patents; Facebook ranked 38th with 938 patents; HP ranked 44th with 873 patents, while Dell ranked 45th with 849 patents.

Mike baycroft, CEO of IFI claims patent services, said in a statement: “overall, patent activity in the United States declined slightly last year due to the new coronavirus epidemic. In the past decade, what we have seen is basically an increase, which is only a small downward trend, still 13% higher than that in 2018. “

According to IFI claims patent services, the two most popular technology categories last year were electronic digital data processing and digital information transmission. In addition, “computer systems based on biological models” is the fastest-growing technology on the list, with an increase of 67% last year, which highlights people’s great interest in artificial intelligence.

The following are the 50 companies with the most patents in the United States in 2020:

1 IBM 9130

2 Samsung Electronics 6415

3 Canon 3225

4 Microsoft 2905

5 Intel Corp 2867

6 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) 2833

7 LG Electronics 2831

8 Apple 2792

9 Huawei Technologies 2761

10 Qualcomm 2276

11 Amazon Technologies 2244

12 Sony 2239

13 BOE Technology Group 2144

14 Toyota 2079

15 Ford 2025

16 Samsung Display 1902

17 Google 1817

18 General Electric 1760

19 Micron Technology 1535

20 Hyundai 1464

21 Boeing 1435

22 Telephone company LM Ericsson 1366

23 Seiko Epson 1334

24 Kia Motors 1323

25 Panasonic 1283

26 AT&T 1238

27 Honda 1205

28 Mitsubishi 1204

29 Texas Instruments 1147

30 EMC 1094

31 Cisco 1059

32 Sharp 1042

33Dense 1030

34 LG Display 989

35 Robert Bosch 965

36 Toshiba 957

37 LG Chem 947

38 Facebook 938

39 NEC 937

40 SK Hynix 930

41 RicohCoLtd 928

42 Fujitsu 917

43 Royal Philips 874

44 Hewlett Packard 873

45 DELL of 849

46 Fujifilm 814

47 Hewlett Packard Enterprise 807

48 GM 781

49 Halliburton Energy 771

50 Murata Manufacturing 764

More reading: IFI claims patent services: in 2019, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) granted a total of 333530 patents, a record high. WIPO: in 2015, the number of patent applications in China reached 1.6 million, surpassing the sum of the United States, Japan and South Korea. European Patent Office: ranked second in European patent applications in 2018. U.S. Patent Office: ranked second in U.S. patent in 2015 Apple only ranks 11th EPO: in 2014, China became the largest Chinese enterprise applying for patents in Europe, with 1600 IPOs; in 2018, China ranked 19th in the list of U.S. patent institutions PTO: in 2018, Chinese enterprises obtained 12589 patents in the United States IFI: in 2013, IBM obtained 6809 patents, ranking first in the world WIPO: in 2015, China applied for 1 million patents World Intellectual Property Organization: 29800 patents submitted by China in 2015, ranking the third in the world National Intellectual Property Office: domestic invention patent authorization in the first half of 2018 Huawei ranks first European Patent Office: Huawei ranks first in European patent applications in 2019 National Intellectual Property Office: list of Chinese invention patent authorization in 2015 ZTE No.2 Huawei No.3 list of top 500 Chinese patent companies in 2019 China ranked first State Intellectual Property Office: China Patent list in 2017 ranked first in State Grid

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