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IBM ranks first with 9435 patents in 2020 From USPTO

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As one of the indicators of scientific and technological innovation, patents are becoming more and more important for high-tech enterprises, and the number of patents applied in the U.S. market has become the key for major manufacturers to display their technology. In 2020, IBM still won the first place in US patents, while Samsung and LG ranked second and third. According to the USPTO patent and Trademark Office of the United States, IBM won 9435 patents in the United States last year, ranking the first in recent years, but there is no growth compared with 2019.

Samsung came in second with 8539 patents, though the number fell by 1%.

LG Electronics won 5112 U.S. patents, up 4% year on year, but the total number is far behind the top two.

Canon and Intel ranked fourth and fifth with 3689 and 3284 items, but their numbers also dropped by 9% and 12%.

Raytheon, the world’s largest military industrial complex, ranks sixth. Its technical strength can not be underestimated. Last year, it won 3213 patents, an increase of 1%.

Huawei ranked seventh with 3178 patents, up 9% year-on-year. Despite the difficulties, Huawei does not seem to have stopped its technological progress and continues to apply for patent protection in the United States.

Then there are Microsoft, TSMC, Sony, apple, Dell, Toyota, GE and other companies. The 22% growth rate of TSMC is the largest in this list, and the growth rate of apple and Dell is not low.

USPTO: in 2014, the number of US patents won by IBM ranked first for 22 consecutive years IBM: in 2016, IBM won 8088 patents in the United States, ranking first for 24 consecutive years IPO: in 2018, China ranked 19th IFI: in 2015, IBM won 7355 US patents, ranking first for 23 consecutive years IFI claims patent services: in 2017, IBM applied for 9043 patents IFI: IBM won 9100 patents in 2018, ranked first for 26 years in a row European Patent Office: European patent application ranked second in Huawei in 2018 PTO: Top 50 global patent companies in 2020 Huawei ranked ninth USPTO: the proportion of female inventors applying for patents within five years after their first patent application is rising USPTO: Google won 1920 patents in 2013 U.S. patent and Trademark Office: Google won 2190 patents in 2013, ranking 10th. State Intellectual Property Office: China’s invention patent licensing data in 2020. Huawei ranks first and oppo ranks second. European Patent Office: Huawei ranks first in European patent applications in 2019. Top 500 Chinese enterprise patents in 2019 Huawei ranks first State Intellectual Property Office: Huawei ranks first in domestic invention patent authorization in the first half of 2018

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