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In fact, the fiscal stimulus in the euro area is greater than that in the United States From UBS

The following is the In fact, the fiscal stimulus in the euro area is greater than that in the United States From UBS recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: global economy .

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the eurozone will benefit more from fiscal stimulus this year than the US, UBS said.

Arend kapteyn, head of global economic and strategic research at UBS, said it was not appropriate to directly compare US President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package with euro zone country level measures and the 750 billion euro (885 billion) joint recovery fund.

In his report, he pointed out that “the most important thing for GDP growth is the change range of fiscal stimulus measures compared with last year. Although the United States has approved a large-scale stimulus plan, a large part of it only replaces last year’s stimulus measures.

Kapteyn also said that only about two-thirds of U.S. aid will be implemented in 2021, while part of the euro zone’s 2020 spending will actually fall this year.

The key, he believes, is that fiscal measures in the US will provide about 0.5% of GDP this year, while the eurozone will double. Read more: Credit Suisse: for the first time in 2019, China’s affluent population has surpassed that of UBS & AVIC Trust: Research on China’s family wealth and family office in 2019 crip: the purchase rate of interested people exceeds 90% within 30 days after the launch of Apple’s new machine CNNMoney: Beijing residents need to work 27 days on average to buy an iPhone consumer brand report: looking for the truth Brookings: trump government’s economic growth is not expected China’s “one belt, one road” to create a new platform for Chinese enterprises to “go out”: the world economic forum: the ten largest emerging technology in the world in 2017: Analysys International: the omni direction of the largest IPO in the history of the US stock market: the future layout of the Alibaba Empire, and the market value of apple in August 2014 reached US $612 billion 200 million. Beyond the sum of general electric and Wal Mart 100 billion World Bank: the tide of trade protection may be receding, king of bonds: RMB or replace the US dollar as reserve currency

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