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The survey shows that global CEOs are optimistic about the economy this year From PWC

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According to the annual Global CEO survey released by PwC on Monday, 76% of CEOs surveyed believe that global economic growth will improve in 2021, the highest since the survey began.

The survey shows that CEOs in North America and Western Europe are particularly optimistic, with 86% and 76% of them predicting that global growth will improve this year.

“After a year of human disaster and widespread economic difficulties, it is encouraging that people responsible for investment decision-making and staff hiring are becoming cautiously optimistic about the coming year,” PwC said. CEOs believe that growth will be restored, driven by rapid vaccine development and vaccine promotion in many regions of the world. “

Despite the growing global confidence, there is a big difference between industries, reflecting COVID-19’s different degree of influence on consumer behavior. CEOs in the technology and telecommunications industries expressed the highest confidence, accounting for 45% and 43% respectively. At the same time, CEOs in transportation and logistics (29%) and hotel and leisure (27%) industries are the least confident that their enterprises will increase revenue in the next 12 months.

The survey was conducted from January to February this year, and 5050 CEOs from 100 countries and regions participated in the survey.

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