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There are as many as 3000 quantum patents in China, about twice as many as in the United States From Valuenex

The following is the There are as many as 3000 quantum patents in China, about twice as many as in the United States From Valuenex recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: global economy .

Quantum technology has become the commanding point of science and technology in the future. It is still in development, and the technology is far from mature. Now, countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and China are increasing investment. According to the recently announced 14th five year plan and the long-term goal of 2035, quantum information has also become the focus of cutting-edge science and technology. It is necessary to realize “the research and development of metropolitan, intercity and free space quantum communication technology, the development of general quantum computing prototype and practical quantum simulator, and the breakthrough of quantum precision measurement technology”.

Japanese media quoted valuenex as saying that China has as many as 3000 quantum patents in this field, about twice as many as the United States.

There are many branches of quantum technology, among which the leading ones in China are quantum communication and encryption technology. In this field, Toshiba of Japan has the most patents, ranking first, Huawei second, with 100 patents, followed by NEC of Japan and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications of China.

The leading quantum computing hardware and software in the United States are mainly quantum computing hardware and software, of which IBM is the first in these two fields, with more than 140 and 80 patents respectively.

OECD: forecast that global real GDP will decline by 4.2% in 2020 South Korea customs office: in the first 20 days of December 2022, South Korea’s exports will grow by 16.7% year on year, while exports to China will grow by 32.7%. Japan’s average wage has been surpassed by South Korea Apple has been the first small business federation in 14 years: in 2020, 25 million small businesses in the UK were facing bankruptcy. IFI Claims: the world’s 250 largest patent holders, eight Chinese mainland Forbes: 2020, the global fortune of billionaires increased by 1 trillion and 900 billion US dollars, CoStar:2020 over 11 thousand retail stores in the United States, Japan’s finance ministry: Japan’s exports fell 4.2% in November 2020 Singapore Urban Renewal Authority: November 2020 Singapore private residential sales growth of 18% on a month on month basis Princeton University: the United States needs to invest $2.5 trillion in the next 10 years to achieve the carbon free goal economic think tank: the U.S. economic recovery is estimated to need $4.5 trillion in stimulus funds Japan work Machinery Industry Association: November 2020 industrial machine tool orders will reach 88.2 billion yen Savills: Manhattan office vacancy rate rises to 15.1% in 2020

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