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70% higher than NVIDIA 5 years ago

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At yesterday’s GTC 2021 conference, NVIDIA released a number of heavyweight products, including CPU, GPU and network accelerator. NVIDIA’s development speed in recent years has attracted people’s attention. Although its revenue is far behind Intel’s more than 70 billion yuan, its market value has long surpassed Intel’s, and its advantage in the game card and data center market is becoming more and more obvious. Grace, the new data center CPU, is about to compete for a strong market.

NVIDIA’s performance over the past five years on its main GPU chips is also surprising. According to the information released at their investor conference, its revenue has increased from US $2.6 billion in fiscal 2016 to US $6.9 billion, more than 2.5 times its previous size.

Revenue soared, on the one hand is the increase in shipping volume, the annual compound growth rate of sales is 10%, on the other hand is the average price of graphics card ASP, the annual compound growth rate is 11%.

The five-year compound growth rate is 11%. The average price of graphics cards last year is about 1.7 times (not 1.5 times) higher than five years ago. In other words, the average price of NVIDIA’s graphics cards is about 70% higher than five years ago.

Fiscal year 2016 is a calendar year, around 2015. At that time, the graphics card was GTX 900 series. The GTX 980 graphics card was only 3999 yuan, and the GTX 980 Ti was only 4699 yuan. Now the price of the flagship card is about 10000 yuan.

Of course, compared with high-end cards, there may not be a more obvious gap. In fact, the average ASP price of graphics cards has been reduced by a large number of middle and low-end cards. In the past, 1999 yuan graphics cards were sweet point cards, but now 3999 yuan graphics cards are called sweet point cards.

Seagate’s sales volume of hdfiactory: 28th in December, 2016 16% year on year JPR: 41% PC game players are using AMD processor display industry: looking back to 2019, looking forward to 2020, Q1 global DRAM contract price will rise 3-8% trendforce: NVIDIA and AMD’s revenue will exceed US $25 billion in 2020 Gartner: Q1 global PC shipment will reach 69.9 million in 2021, up 32% year on year strategy Gartner: the number of devices in use in the world is expected to reach 6.2 billion in 2021 Year on year growth of 13% IDC: in 2020, the PC display market shipment will grow by 8.3% year on year. Semiconductor manufacturers will have the opportunity to surpass Samsung and TSMC only when they invest 195 billion yuan annually in the next five years. IDC: in 2020, the global wearable device market sales will reach 444.7 million units, up 28.4% year on year

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