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Apple is expected to account for 53% of TSMC’s 5nm chip production in 2021 From Counterpoint

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Counterpoint research released some of its estimates for the chip industry in 2021. By 2020, the revenue of the chip foundry industry will increase by 23%, reaching $82 billion. Counterpoint said it would grow 12 per cent this year, bringing revenue to $92bn. Among them, TSMC, the largest wafer manufacturer, will grow by 13% to 16% this year, in line with the overall growth rate of the industry.

Samsung’s revenue is expected to grow by 20% in 2021. TSMC and Samsung are the only two companies in the world to provide cutting-edge chips with 5nm and 7Nm process nodes. The industry has just started shipping 5 nm chips this year.

Counterpoint research predicts that Apple will become TSMC’s largest 5nm customer this year, accounting for 53% of its output, as Apple’s A14 and A15 bionics and M1 chips all use 5nm technology. This year’s 5nm production will account for 5% of 12 inch wafers, up less than 1% from last year. Counterpoint believes that Qualcomm accounts for 24% of TSMC’s 5nm chip production, because Apple will use the 5g X60 baseband of Qualcomm 5nm snapdragon in the iPhone 13. According to the forecast, by 2021, TSMC and Samsung’s 5nm devices will have 90% bookings, and the former’s total 5nm business revenue will reach US $10 billion this year.

Unlike 80% of 5nm wafers in smart phones, 7Nm chips are more widely used, of which 35% are used in smart phones. Counterpoint predicts that 7Nm will account for 11% of 12 inch wafer usage this year. Both TSMC and Samsung produce a variety of 7Nm chips, including those made with euvs. The use of EUV can help the foundry reduce its process nodes to the current 5nm and will start mass production of 3nm in 2022.

This year, TSMC’s biggest 7Nm customer will be AMD. AMD will get 27% of TSMC’s 7Nm capacity, according to counterpoint. NVIDIA was second, accounting for 21%, and MediaTek was third, accounting for 10%. Although Intel has its own fab, in terms of process nodes, Intel will still rank fourth, accounting for 7%, and its capability lags behind that of TSMC and Samsung. Intel’s decision to outsource is crucial to the long-term survival of chipmakers. Apple will win 6% of TSMC’s 7Nm production this year because some of its older phones still need 7Nm processors.

Gartner: in 2015, apple spent $29 billion on semiconductor chips, up 7.1% year on year Ultrahigh becomes No.1 in the world counterpoint: in 2020, each smartphone will be equipped with an average of 3.5 lenses counterpoint: in the second quarter of 2020, the global online music streaming media revenue will be US $6.7 billion, down 2% year on year The world’s most popular 5g mobile phone in October 2020 is iPhone 12counterpoint: the overall shipment of Q4 iPhone in 2020 increased by 21% on a year-on-year basis Watch accounts for 51.4% counterpoint: in Q1 of 2020, Samsung is the best-selling smartphone in India, accounting for 43% counterpoint: AMOLED smartphone sales will exceed 600 million in 2020 counterpoint: in Q2 of 2019, India’s smartphone shipment will reach 37 million

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