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China’s AMOLED capacity will increase significantly in 2021 From Omdia

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The following is the China’s AMOLED capacity will increase significantly in 2021 From Omdia recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: Hardware equipment industry.

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According to the calculation of substrate, the mass production capacity of China’s Gen 6 flexible AMOLED will be 105000 pieces per month in 2020.

About 75000 flexible AMOLED and 15000 rigid AMOLED will join the supply chain, and the glass investment is planned in early 2021.

Chinese rigid AMOLED suppliers will enter the supply chain of first-line brands. Meanwhile, flexible AMOLED suppliers will face serious low-cost competition in 2021.

Amgen’s production capacity will increase by 5 chips per month in the first half of 2026

In the year of AMOLED shipment decline, Chinese AMOLED panel manufacturers did not slow down the pace of capacity expansion. In the last quarter of 2020, all five AMOLED panel manufacturers released new capacity as promised in the investment announcement. Here are the details of the 90000 piece capacity increase.

Table 1: China’s Gen 6 AMOLED capacity

Source: Omdia

How to consume these capacities will be a big challenge for AMOLED manufacturers, because the price of flexible AMOLED is too high to be applied to mid-range smart phones with the price below 3000 RMB. In the face of very limited customers and business opportunities, flexible AMOLED manufacturers need to make a choice between loss of cash flow or increase of operating rate; and customers’ requirements of upgrading specifications also require AMOLED manufacturers to continue to invest in equipment transformation production line, but it is difficult for manufacturers to recover the investment cost from the product premium in the future, excessive competition will force AMOLED manufacturers into a prisoner’s dilemma 。 Therefore, the commercial demand of folding or rolling screen mobile phones is imminent, because only expanding the screen area can help to improve the added value of mobile phones and reduce the production capacity.

According to omdia’s smartphone display market tracker – pivot – history – 3q20, in 2020, affected by the epidemic and the US government’s ban on Huawei’s semiconductors, AMOLED shipments were 454 million, down 3.6% year on year (YY). However, flexible AMOLED shipments increased from 158 million to 241 million, mainly contributed by apple and Huawei. Apple will continue to lead the shift in 2021, but only BOE is expected to benefit from it. As for other AMOLED manufacturers in China, they need to attract other brands that want to use AMOLED in their smartphones. Although new glory is also actively switching to flexible AMOLED, the shortage of 5g chips in 2021 makes it difficult for new glory to achieve its goal. Other brands will also increase the demand for flexible AMOLED next year, but after all, the terminal price is limited, so the purchase growth of flexible AMOLED will also be limited.

In 2020, the shipment volume of rigid AMOLED will drop from 313 million in 2019 to 213 million, but the demand for rigid AMOLED will be quite strong in 2021. Hopewell and vicino will get the opportunity from Xiaomi and new glory as the second supplier after Samsung display.

Due to the fierce competition, the price of 2.5D flexible amoeld will be reduced to $30. This price will also bring a lot of pressure to Samsung’s rigid AMOLED and flexible AMOLED, so Samsung can’t stand alone in the fierce AMOLED competition. Next year, after the depreciation of these new AMOLED production capacity begins, the loss will be the biggest challenge for AMOLED manufacturers in the future. Therefore, omdia suggests that before the arrival of folding mobile phones or more attractive applications, panel manufacturers should suspend the capacity investment of flexible AMOLED to maintain the healthy development of the industry.

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