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In 2019, China’s semiconductor sales will reach more than 150 billion US dollars From YES

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Recently, the semiconductor industry association of the United States (SIA) released the “examining China’s semiconductor self-sufficiency present and future”, which was completed by Credit Suisse on December 17 With detailed data, this paper analyzes the development trend of China’s semiconductor industry in the past five years, and the overall picture of the government’s incentive plan to create an autonomous and controllable ecosystem.

The report points out that China’s overall semiconductor sales reached more than 150 billion US dollars in 2019, but this data includes the re export of terminal products. The report predicts that the compound growth rate of China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry will grow at an annual rate of 17% from 2019 to 2024, but the compound growth rate of the whole market demand will be 11% at the same time. On the whole, there is still a big gap between manufacturing industry and internal demand.

According to the report, the capital expenditure and sales of China’s domestic semiconductor manufacturers SMIC international and Huahong semiconductor have increased significantly compared with this year.

The report also shows that the monthly production capacity of local invested Fabs is about 900000, while that of overseas invested Fabs is about 700000

In addition, the report also mentioned that the global share of local Fabs has slowed down and stabilized at about 9%, while the global growth share of semiconductor design is relatively fast.

The Chinese government strongly advocates making full use of its efforts in various sub sectors of semiconductors and striving to make up for its shortcomings. There is a huge gap between individual sectors and the world’s leading enterprises. For example, the global share of semiconductor equipment is only about 1%, as shown in the figure below

The report also points out that the domestic market accounts for 60% of semiconductor sales, but the terminal demand is only 25%. In other words, another 35% of re exports. Read more: Logic trap in SIA report: fatal mistake of us semiconductor industry? Semiconductor “dependence”: the world depends on China, China depends on the world SIA: in January 2018, global chip sales reached 37.6 billion US dollars, increasing for 18 consecutive months SIA: in April 2018, global semiconductor sales increased by more than 20%, increasing by more than 20% for 13 consecutive months SIA: in Q2 2018, global chip sales reached 117.9 billion US dollars Year on year growth of more than 20% SIA: in January 2019, the global semiconductor market sales reached US $35.5 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 5.7% SIA: in May 2019, the global chip sales reached US $33.1 billion, a year-on-year decrease of nearly 15% SIA: in Q2 2019, the global semiconductor sales reached US $98.2 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 16.8% SIA: in January 2017, the global chip sales reached US $30.6 billion Year on year sales of global semiconductor chip industry increased by $13.982 billion

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