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In 2020, global Ethernet switch revenue will be $27.8 billion, down 3.5% year on year From IDC

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IDC recently released the “global Ethernet switch quarterly tracking report” and “global router quarterly tracking report”

In the fourth quarter of 2020, the revenue of the global Ethernet switch market reached US $7.5 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 1.4%;

In 2020, the market revenue will be 27.8 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 3.5%.

At the same time, the total revenue of the global enterprise and service provider (SP) router market will reach US $4.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020, with a slight increase of 0.6% year on year;

In 2020, the router market revenue will reach 14.9 billion US dollars, 4.0% lower than that in 2019.

Highlights of Ethernet switch Market

From a geographical point of view, in the fourth quarter of 2020, the Asia Pacific region excluding Japan and China fell by 7.4% and the whole year fell by 5.3%. The Indian market dropped sharply by 14.0% in that quarter. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the Chinese market ushered in a strong growth of 19.1%, resulting in a 12.3% market growth for the whole year. The Japanese market also performed well in the quarter, with revenue surging 23.1% and annual growth of 11.1%. In central and Eastern Europe, revenue fell 11.9% in the fourth quarter of 2020, 1.9% in the whole year, and 29.6% in Romania. The Ethernet switch Market in Western Europe fell 6.0% in the fourth quarter and 8.9% in the whole year. The UK market fell 11.1% in the fourth quarter. In the Middle East and Africa, revenue fell 9.4% in the fourth quarter and 2.9% in 2020 compared with 2019; in the fourth quarter, the market in the United Arab Emirates plummeted 17.4%. The US market fell 3.6% in the fourth quarter and 6.6% for the whole year. The Canadian market fell 11.9% in the quarter and 9.6% year-on-year. The Latin American market plummeted 28.5% in the quarter and 20.4% in the whole year.

High speed switch platform continues to drive the growth of Ethernet switch market. For example, in the fourth quarter of 2020, the port shipment volume of 100GB switches surged 28.4% year on year, reaching 7.4 million. In the fourth quarter, 100GB revenue increased by 27.2% to US $1.78 billion, accounting for 23.7% of the market revenue. As for the whole year, the shipment volume of 100GB port in 2020 is 40.0% higher than that in 2019. 25gb / 50GB switches also achieved amazing growth, with revenue increasing by 33.5% to US $655 million, and port shipment increasing by 28.1% year on year. Low speed switch is a mature part of the market. As the average price (ASP) of this segment continues to decline, port shipment and revenue are mixed. In the fourth quarter, the shipment volume of 10Gb port increased by 20.5% year on year, but the revenue decreased by 2.7% year on year. 10GB switches account for 26.2% of the total market revenue. The shipment volume of 1GB switch port decreased by 1.3% year on year, and the revenue of this segment decreased by 13.4%. 1GB now accounts for 35.4% of the total revenue of the Ethernet switch market. In 2020, data center Ethernet switches account for 14.1% of all port shipments, but account for 43.6% of the annual revenue. At the same time, non data center switches still accounted for the majority of market shipments and revenue, accounting for 85.9% and 56.4% respectively.

Brad casemore, vice president of IDC’s data center and multi cloud network research department, specially pointed out: “the Ethernet switch industry is still the story of two markets. The number of high-speed Ethernet switch ports in the data center is increasing rapidly, and it benefits from the demand from ultra large scale computing companies, secondary cloud and some large enterprises building cloud. At the same time, the more mature non data center market continued to be adversely affected by COVID-19 in the fourth quarter of 2020, which delayed some organizations from postponing or reassessing the investment in campus networks because of the adaptation of mixed labor force.

The bright spot of Router Market

In the fourth quarter of 2020, the router market of global enterprises and service providers was relatively flat, with a year-on-year growth of 0.6%. The relatively large segment of service providers grew by 2.0%, and the segment of enterprises dropped by 3.1%. Throughout the year, the overall market dropped by 4.0%, service providers by 2.9% and enterprises by 7.5%.

The router market of the whole enterprise and service provider is mixed in the world. Central and Eastern Europe grew by 10.0% in the fourth quarter, Western Europe by 1.4% and Middle East Africa by 14.4%. The Asia Pacific region excluding Japan and China fell by 1.2%, while the Chinese market grew by 2.8% and the Japanese market grew by 4.0%. In the US, the market fell 6.8% in the fourth quarter, while in Latin America, revenue fell 6.0%.

Company highlights

Cisco’s Ethernet switch revenue fell 11.8% year-on-year in the fourth quarter and 9.5% in 2020. In the competitive 25gbe / 50gbe / 100gbe market segment, Cisco remained the market leader, accounting for 38.7% in the fourth quarter. Cisco’s combined revenue from service providers and enterprise routers fell 13.8% year-on-year in the fourth quarter and 15.1% for the whole year, bringing its share to 32.9% in 2020.

Huawei’s Ethernet switch revenue fell 1.5% in the fourth quarter, but grew 4.8% for the year. Huawei’s market share in the fourth quarter was 10.5%. The company’s combined revenue from service providers and enterprise routers grew 7.1% in the fourth quarter and 6.0% for the whole year, so Huawei’s market share for the whole year was 32.9%.

Arista networks’ Ethernet switch revenue grew 13.6% in the fourth quarter and rebounded late last year. Arista’s Ethernet switch revenue fell 9.9% in the whole year. 100GB revenue accounts for 72.9% of the company’s total revenue, reflecting the company’s long-term market position in the ultra large data centers, cloud service providers and large enterprises.

HPE’s Ethernet switch revenue surged 20.7% year-on-year in the fourth quarter. Compared with 2019, the strong fourth quarter results in a full year growth of 1.9% in 2020. HPE’s market share in the fourth quarter was 5.8%.

The revenue of Ethernet switch of Zhanbo network decreased by 4.1% in the fourth quarter compared with the same period in the same period last year, and the annual revenue decreased by 3.0%. Its market share in the fourth quarter was 3.0%. In the fourth quarter, the combined revenue of enterprise and service provider routers of Zhanbo network increased by 9.0% and fell by 0.7% for the whole year, so its router market share reached 10.8%.

Petr Jirovsky, research director of the IDC network tracking report, said: “from a regional perspective, the growth of the Ethernet switch Market and router market has been uneven in the world, indicating that COVID-19 continues to have an unbalanced effect on the global economy. As companies and service providers look to 2021, IDC expects the market demand for high-speed network devices to continue to drive these markets. “

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