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In 2020, the global IC chip output will reach 143.4 billion US dollars, with China accounting for 15.9% From IC Insights

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The following is the In 2020, the global IC chip output will reach 143.4 billion US dollars, with China accounting for 15.9% From IC Insights recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: IC Insights, Hardware equipment industry.

IC insights studies the global chip market, and focuses on the analysis and prediction of China’s IC market.

Although China has been the largest IC consumer since 2005, this does not necessarily mean that China’s internal IC output has increased significantly. In 2020, China’s IC output will only account for 15.9% of its $143.4 billion IC market, slightly higher than 10.2% a decade ago. In addition, this share is expected to grow to 19.4% by 2025, with an average annual increase of only 0.7 percentage points.

Of the $22.7 billion worth of ICs made in China last year, $8.3 billion came from China based companies, accounting for only 5.9% of China’s IC market. TSMC, SK Hynix, Samsung, Intel, liandian and other foreign companies with IC factories in China produced the rest of the products. Of the $8.3 billion IC produced by Chinese companies, about $2.3 billion comes from IDM, and $6 billion comes from pure OEM such as SMIC.

By 2025, China’s IC manufacturing industry will increase to US $43.2 billion, and China’s IC output will still only account for 7.5% of the total global IC market (US $577.9 billion) in 2025.

At present, China’s chip production is expected to achieve a strong compound annual growth rate of 13.7% between 2020 and 2025. However, considering that China’s IC output was only US $22.7 billion last year, this growth started from a relatively small base. Sk Hynix, Samsung, Intel and liandian will be the major foreign IC manufacturers in China in 2020.

Even though ymtc and cxmt are building new IC production, foreign companies will still be the main source of Chinese IC for some time to come. It is estimated that by 2025, more than 50% of China’s IC production will come from foreign companies.

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