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In 2020, the revenue of NVIDIA and AMD will exceed 25 billion US dollars From TrendForce

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Techspot reported that although the global PC industry has encountered serious chip shortage and graphics card supply problems, NVIDIA and AMD, as the only two independent manufacturers in the industry, will still reap a lot in 2020. Among the top fabless technology companies surveyed by trendforce, the two companies had the largest year-on-year revenue growth, reaching $25 + billion.

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PC gamer quoted a trendforce report as saying that although the initial stage of the pandemic seems to have a huge impact on the IC design industry, the demand for telecommuting / online teaching / PC games has contributed to the sharp rise of the GPU market.

Although in the “top 10 IC design companies in 2020”, Qualcomm and Broadcom occupy the first and second place respectively. But in terms of year-on-year growth, NVIDIA is still far ahead.

It is reported that the green team generated $15.4 billion in revenue last year, an increase of 52.2% over 2019. At the same time, the acquisition of mellanox contributed nearly $6.4 billion to the company’s data center solutions business.

Broadcom once ranked first in 2019, but thanks to the surge in demand for network equipment and Apple’s decision to use the company’s baseband again, Qualcomm still ushered in a 33.7% growth in 2020, with a leading revenue of $19.4 billion.

Although “amd” only ranks fifth in the list, its revenue of $9.7 billion is still 45% higher than that of the previous year. At the same time, the company’s 7Nm CPU for consumer and enterprise markets continues to erode Intel’s market share.

Chipzilla recently disclosed that Intel will revive its chip foundry service, and even consider opening it to enterprises including apple, AMD, NVIDIA, etc.

Since cnBeta read more: AnandTech: in 2016, the proportion of AMD in Q2 global graphics card market was 70%, a year-on-year decline of 11.9%. In 2014, the share of AMD in professional GPU market will rise to 30%. Trendforce: after the acquisition of Xilinx, AMD will rise to the fourth largest IC design manufacturer in the world. Trendforce: it is estimated that the price of Q2 client SSD will increase by 3 ~ 8% month on month in 2021. Mercury research: Q3 processor market report in 2020 AMD’s share has reached a new high since 2007. In November 2020, the share of AMD processor on steam platform has risen to 26.51% IC insights: 2012 top 10 MPU market suppliers list JPR: 2016 Q3 amd video card market share has risen to 29.1% trendforce: it is expected that the global wafer foundry revenue will grow by 23.8% year on year in 2020, which is the highest IC in a decade Insights: top 15 IC insights: global semiconductor manufacturers in 2018 forecast for 2020 Intel’s first IC insights: in the first half of 2020, Huawei Hisilicon, the world’s top 10 semiconductor manufacturers, will be among the top 10 IC insights: Sales Ranking of global semiconductor manufacturers in 2020 Huawei Hisilicon has dropped out of the top 15 IC insights: global semiconductor manufacturers in 2019 Jon Peddie research: in 2016, the number of global gamers using amd graphics cards reached 409 million, accounting for more than 50%

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