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In 2020, the scale of China’s IC market will reach 143.4 billion US dollars, with a year-on-year growth of 9% From IC Insights

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IC insights, a well-known semiconductor market research institution, released its analysis and forecast of China’s IC market. According to IC insights, China’s scale has been steadily rising since it became the world’s largest IC market in 2005. In 2020, China’s IC market will increase to US $143.4 billion, 9% more than that of US $131.3 billion in 2019.

Among them, 60% of IC devices (about US $86 billion) are exported overseas, while the other 40% of IC devices (about US $57.4 billion) are used in China.

In China’s IC market, logic devices, that is, integrated chips with “and” and “not” functions, account for 26% of China’s IC market last year, about US $37.5 billion. IC insights predicts that by 2025, the sales volume of logic devices will still be the first in China’s IC market, and will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 10.5%.

Because the sales of smart phones and various computing systems have increased in the past year, MPU (microprocessor) has become the second best-selling product in China’s IC market in 2020. MPU sales in China will grow by 12% in 2020 to $32.7 billion.

Market share of IC products in China (source: WSTS, IC Insights)

DRAM followed with 19% market share. In 2020, DRAM and NAND flash markets together account for 30% of China’s IC market. The hot sales of high-performance memory in China are now promoting the development of local DRAM and NAND flash memory manufacturers.

IC insights believes that the long-term trend of increasing IC market share in China and the Asia Pacific region cannot be ignored. It expects the share of China and the Asia Pacific region in the global IC market to increase from 63.8% in 2020 to 68.1% in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.4%.

Although China’s Chinese mainland IC market is hot, IC Insights also warned that IC production capacity in mainland China does not match its market position. In 2020, the Chinese IC market accounted for only 15.9% of the US $143 billion 400 million in the Chinese mainland market, about 22 billion 700 million US dollars. Among them, the total value of China based Chinese mainland companies is only 8 billion 300 million US dollars, accounting for only 5.9% of China’s IC market in 2020.

Chinese mainland Chinese mainland manufacturers such as TSMC, SK Hynix, Samsung and associated electric power have provided most of China’s IC output by way of building factories in mainland China.

Conclusion: China’s IC production potential is huge

At present, Chinese mainland chip self-sufficiency rate is still low, and core chip production capacity is relatively scarce. But at the same time, China’s IC market is huge and the industry is rich, which is conducive to the development of chip production capacity. Government policies have been supporting and helping the semiconductor industry, supporting the development of all aspects of the semiconductor industry from the aspects of finance, taxation, investment and financing and talents.

At the same time, SMIC international, Huawei hisilic, Ziguang zhanrui, ZTE microelectronics and other local companies are also developing rapidly, involving many fields, with a comprehensive layout. China’s IC industry has a very broad development space.

IC insights: in 2020, the global IC chip output will reach 143.4 billion US dollars, with China accounting for 15.9% IC insights: in 2018, the global chip market share of US companies will exceed 50% IC insights: in the first half of 2018, Samsung’s global flash memory market share will be 22% higher than Intel’s Insights: in the first half of 2020, Huawei Hisilicon, the world’s top 10 semiconductor manufacturers, will be the first to enter the top 10 IC insights: 2016 top 20 IC insights: in 2017, China’s share in the global Fabless IC market will increase to 11% IC insights: in 2021, the sales volume of automotive and Internet of things chips will reach US $42.9 billion IC insights Insights: Samsung will surpass Intel as the largest chipmaker in 2017 IC insights: CMOS image sensor market will reach 15.9 billion US dollars in 2021 Insights:2020 first half of the year, global semiconductor sales ranked Top10 manufacturer IC Insights:2019. Chinese mainland wafer fab monthly capacity ranked fifth IC Insights:2020 Q1 HUAWEI Hass sales reached 2 billion 670 million US dollars, pushing global TOP 10

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