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In 2020, the TV panel shipment will reach 276 million pieces From Omdia

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High end TV panels include wold TV, quantum dot LCD TV (qled), QD OLED TV, qned TV, mini LED backlight LCD TV, fald backlight LCD TV and micro LED TV.

Although the unit volume of TV panel is declining every year, the average size is rising rapidly. In 2020, the output of TV panels will reach 276 million, including 272 million LCD TV panels and 4.4 million OLED TV panels. 276 million tablets, 5% lower than the same period in 2019. In 2021, omdia expects TV panel shipments to reach 274 million, a year-on-year decrease of 1%. The reason for the decline is due to the maturity of the TV market. However, in terms of TV display technology evolution and specification promotion, the TV panel market is not yet mature, and many fresh new pictures and appearance performance improvement technologies are about to appear.

The growth of larger size TV panel, the improvement of average size and the increase of high-end TV panel are consistent with the growth forecast of high-end TV panel.

High end TV panels include wold TV, quantum dot LCD TV (qled), QD OLED TV, qned TV, mini LED backlight LCD TV, fald backlight LCD TV and micro LED TV. These new technologies bring higher specifications and better viewing experience to end users, and are popularized through increasing economic scale and gradually reducing costs.

As shown in the figure below and the table, in 2020, the shipment volume of high-end TV panels will reach 7% of the total TV panel market, and omdia expects that the high-end TV panels will reach 30% in 2025.

The main driving forces for the growth of these high-end TV panels are the increasing trend of size, the reduction of cost, the improvement of production capacity and technology, and the improvement of reliability and parts. On the other hand, consumers also gradually begin to pay attention to the function of improving picture performance and overall size, and have the corresponding cost premium ability, which is a good thing for the long-term development of high-end TV.

Although the price of LCD panel fluctuates periodically, high-end TV panel with larger size and better specifications will be the key to expand the total scale of display market, especially OLED, mini LED backlight, qled and QD OLED, micro led and other new technologies.

Omdia, on the other hand, expects total TV panel revenue to grow from $33.2 billion in 2020 to $47.4 billion in 2025. High end TV panel will play a crucial role in promoting the income of TV panel. In 2025, the revenue of high-end TV panel will reach 27.1 billion US dollars, exceeding that of standard LCD TV panel, accounting for 57% of the total revenue of TV panel.

Xie qinyi, senior director of omdia display research, commented: “we see that the entire TV panel supply chain, from component and material suppliers, panel manufacturers, mini / micro LED manufacturers, backlight assemblers, TV OEM ODM to retailers, are more invested in high-end TVs. OLED TV and qled TV have won the hearts of high-end TV consumers and are growing. 2021 can be seen as the first year of micro LED backlight LCD TV and QD OLED TV. In the long run, micro LED TV and qned TV will occupy high-end space. All of these point to the bright future of high-end TV panels, and the huge prospect of increasing panel revenue makes the technology evolution of panel manufacturers come true, and nourishes the needs of high-end customers. “

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