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In 2020, U.S. gamers will spend $4.5 billion on PC hardware and accessories From NPD

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According to the NPD group, an industry tracking company, PC game hardware and accessories sales have seen a huge leap in 2020. Of course, this is what PC game fans who have been banned from home this year are very clear about, because graphics cards and processors are still hard to find. Last year, in the United States, PC game hardware and accessories consumption reached $4.5 billion. It’s 62% higher than in 2019, more than double the sales in 2017.

NPD also pointed out that PC game content also increased by 19% to $7.5 billion.

But growth is not limited to graphics, processors and games. Each PC game hardware category grew year on year. This includes an audio headset, a monitor and a keyboard.

Stephen Baker, a consultant at NPD, attributed the momentum to behavioral changes associated with the epidemic.

“The covid-19 foot ban has played a role in the growth of PC games we’ve seen, as consumers are looking for ways to stay entertained while spending more time at home,” Baker said.

NPD analyst mat pisatella agrees.

“[PC games] is one of the most accessible segments because many families have a desktop or laptop,” Piscatella said During 2020, the number of PC video game players and the time and money they spend in PC games will increase significantly. “

Baker expects the market to continue to grow until 2021 – though at a slower rate of about 3%. In addition, the industry should stabilize around these spending levels.

“We are optimistic about the future of PC game hardware and accessories, and expect the growth rate of the segment market to exceed that of the whole industry,” Baker said However, [we] do not expect continuous growth, but demand to stabilize at these new levels of growth. “

NPD: in November 2020, new video game hardware spending reached $1.4 billion, up 58% year on year Year on year decline of 31% NPD: in June 2015, the sales of game hardware products in the United States reached US $313.1 million NPD: in September 2019, the best-selling game hardware in North America was Nintendo switchnpd: in November 2012, the total sales of game software and hardware in the United States was US $2.6 billion, the first Niko of Xbox 360 Partners: it is estimated that China’s game hardware and software market will bring us $1.5 billion in revenue in 2023. NPD: it is estimated that the best-selling console for Christmas in 2020 will be switch rather than next-generation console. NPD: the best-selling console for 2019 will still be Nintendo. Switch NPD: game sales in North America in July 2020 NPD: game report in North America in July 2018 Nintendo switch hardware takes the lead NPD: in November 2020, the sales volume of switch in the U.S. game console market ranked first for two consecutive years NPD: in August 2014, the sales volume of video games decreased by 57% year on year NPD: in April 2019, the sales volume of North America games NS, “real quick hit 11” as the winner NPD: Nintendo will become the best-selling game publisher in 2019

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