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In April 2021, the proportion of AMD processors of steam gamers has exceeded 30%

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In steam’s updated April hardware survey, the share of PC gamers using amd processors reached 29.54%, the highest in the past 12 months. Although intel was impressive with 81% share a few months ago, the latest data has dropped to 70.46%.

It is reported that amd this time from windows   10 PC players get 0.51% increment, and Linux players get 0.78%.

From this point of view, if Intel wants to regain its share, it needs to update more competitive processor products, such as 11th generation core h standard voltage and alder Lake (12th generation core) which supports ddr5 memory in the second half of the year.

On AMD’s side, it’s said that the fourth generation of thread tearing of zen3 architecture is ready to go, but it’s not sure whether the sharp dragon 6000 Warhol will arrive as scheduled within this year.

When it comes to share, the more authoritative Mercure research’s updated first quarter report shows that AMD’s total share in the x86 processor market is 20.7%, a month on month decrease of 1% and a year-on-year increase of 6%, including desktop PC share of 19.3% and notebook share of 18%.

More about zikuai Technology: JPR: 41% of PC game players are using AMD processor. Mercury research: in Q1 x86 processor market in 2019, AMD’s share will rise to 13.3% BCN ranking: in May 2020, AMD’s third generation processor sales share will reach 67.4% passmark: in Q4 AMD processor user share will reach 40% in 2019, and in steam platform AMD processor share will rise to 26.51% mercury research in November 2020 AMD’s desktop processor market share will grow to 12.3% in Q2, 2018 mindfactory: AMD’s processor market share will surpass Intel’s for the first time in ten years. In September 2020, AMD’s processor market share on steam platform will break a record 25%. It is expected that AMD’s notebook processor market share will reach 20% in 2020. EHA: the survey shows that 60% of Europeans prefer AMD processor. Mercury research: Q3 processor in 2020 Steam: December 2017 hardware report GTX 1060 becomes the most popular graphics card steam: the most popular graphics card model comes out in 2019 GTX 1060 shares up to 15.35% steam: May 2020 steam platform hardware statistics 4K display users only 2% steam: April 2020 game hardware AMD processor share rises to 22%

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