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In February 2021, Nb panel full-size products rose by an average of $1.8

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Affected by the tight supply of key components such as driver IC, the latest quotations of three major TFT-LCD application products in February continued to rise by US $1.5 to US $8. It is expected that the quotations in the second quarter may go up all the way. The overall quotation of panel in the first quarter is estimated to rise by 15% – 20%, and the quotation in the second quarter may also rise by more than 10%.

Can the panel price rise continue in the second half of the year? The main observation focuses on when the supply of key components will ease. The short-term supply of panel components includes drive IC, glass substrate, etc., and the gap of drive IC is the largest. If the new capacity of driver IC is planned to open smoothly in the second half of this year, there may be an opportunity to improve the tight supply of driver IC.

According to the survey of market research institutions, in February 2021, Nb panel full-size products rose by an average of US $1.8, monitor application panel mainstream size products rose by an average of US $2-3, of which 21.5-inch and 23.8-inch panels rose by about US $3, and 27 inch panels rose by about US $2. The price of mainstream size TV panel products also rose, with 32 inch panel up $3, 43 inch panel up $5 and 50 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch panel up $5-8.

As the supply of key components such as driver IC is still in short supply, it is estimated that the rise of panel quotation in March may be similar to that in February. As a whole, the first quarter panel price increase is estimated to be about 15% ~ 20%, and the second quarter price increase may be more than 10%.

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