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It is estimated that in 2021, the shipment volume of semiconductor devices will break through 1 trillion pieces, reaching a record high From IC Insights

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IC insights, a research organization, predicts that the shipment of semiconductor devices in 2021 will once again exceed 1 trillion pieces. If the prediction is accurate, it will create a new record for the shipment of semiconductor devices. This will be the third time in the history of semiconductor devices to exceed 1 trillion shipments, the first in 2018. IC insights predicts that the product categories with the strongest growth in 2021 will be mainly related to new technologies such as network, cloud computing, autonomous driving and 5g.

1、 Semiconductor shipments continued to grow, only due to the continuous decline in the financial crisis

According to the McClean report released by IC insights, from the total semiconductor shipment volume of 32.6 billion pieces in 1978 to the projected 1135.3 billion pieces in 2021, the compound annual growth rate of semiconductor devices is expected to reach 8.6%.

Although computer and mobile phone products have novel coronavirus pneumonia, the growth rate of personal computers and mobile phones has been eased. However, the strong compound growth rate indicates that new market drivers will continue to emerge, which will also drive more semiconductor demand.

From 2004 to 2007, the semiconductor shipment exceeded 40 billion, 50 billion and 600 billion pieces. After that, the global financial crisis led to a sharp decline in semiconductor shipment in 2008 and 2009.

In 2010, the sales volume of semiconductor equipment rebounded sharply, increasing by 25%, exceeding 700 billion sets. Because the semiconductor shipment exceeded 900 billion pieces in 2017, or 12%, the total semiconductor shipment in 2018 will exceed 1 trillion pieces.

In the past 43 years, the largest increase in semiconductor shipments was in 1984, reaching 34%. Correspondingly, in 2001, due to the outbreak of the Internet bubble, the volume of semiconductor shipments declined the most, with a decrease of 19%. The only consecutive sales decline was in 2008 and 2009, mainly due to the global financial crisis and the subsequent economic recession.

2、 The sales volume of discrete components is expected to be the largest, with optoelectronics and simulators ranking 2 and 3 respectively

IC insights predicts that the total semiconductor shipments in 2021 will still be biased towards optoelectronic, sensor and separated component (o-s-d) devices.

It is estimated that this year, o-s-d equipment will account for 67% of the total semiconductor shipment, and integrated circuits will account for the remaining 33%. Resistor, capacitor and other discrete components are likely to become the largest category of semiconductor devices in terms of shipment volume, accounting for 38% of the semiconductor market share. Optoelectronic devices and analog IC devices rank second and third respectively, and are expected to occupy 26% and 18% of the market share respectively.

According to the data of IC insights, the semiconductor market will be mainly driven by network, cloud computing, contactless electronic equipment, automatic driving and 5g related electronic products, all of which will become the product category with the strongest sales growth in 2021.

Conclusion: the global lack of core, new technology to promote the progress of semiconductor

In the current global core shortage, although the automobile, mobile phone and other industries have suffered a serious blow. But for the semiconductor industry, it is a good opportunity for rapid growth. TSMC’s share price also reached a record high on January 21, with an increase of 11% this year. All European and American semiconductor companies, such as STMicroelectronics, Infineon, NXP and Texas Instruments, rose.

Driven by new technologies such as autopilot, 5g and cloud computing, the demand for semiconductors has also risen sharply. TSMC, Samsung, Intel and other companies are also expanding new chip capacity. In the future, the semiconductor market may grow more rapidly.

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