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It is estimated that Q2 global PC DRAM chips will rise by 23-28% in 2021 From TrendForce

The following is the It is estimated that Q2 global PC DRAM chips will rise by 23-28% in 2021 From TrendForce recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: TrendForce, Hardware equipment industry.

In the second quarter of 2021, with the major DRAM suppliers and major OEM manufacturers to carry out a new round of contract price negotiations, the price of memory will inevitably rise. The reason is still due to the global chip shortage and some special factors.

Current DDR4   8GB   The average price of 2666 Mbps module increased by 25% on a month on month basis, larger than the industry forecast of about 20%. On the other hand, in the second quarter of this year, the prices of various types of DRAM are also rising, whether it is the mobile terminal or the personal computer terminal, as well as the memory terminal of the graphics card which is seriously out of stock.

According to the latest forecast data of trendforce, PC   DRAM chips will maintain a rising trend. The growth rate was estimated to be 13-18%, and now it is adjusted to 23-28%. Server memory is not much better. It was estimated that the price would increase by 20% and the new data would be adjusted to 20-25%.

In fact, at the beginning of this month, CEO of Meguiar   Sanjav   Mehrotra issued a warning to investors during the earnings conference call, saying: “under the strong demand and limited supply, the current DRAM market is facing a serious situation of short supply, which leads to the rapid rise of DRAM prices and will further tighten throughout the year.”.

Take my recent purchase of Shiquan memory as an example, I bought a Shiquan DDR4 at the beginning of the year   2666MHz   The price of 8GB single memory is about 200 yuan, but it has increased to 279 yuan, and the price of two sets is 550 yuan. The price increase has exceeded 35%, and so has higher frequency memory. It can be seen that the overall market price of DIY is unstable. If it is not just for demand, it is not a good time to install.

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