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It is estimated that the number of devices in use in the world will reach 6.2 billion in 2021 From Gartner

The following is the It is estimated that the number of devices in use in the world will reach 6.2 billion in 2021 From Gartner recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Gartner, MacBook, PC, Hardware equipment industry.

Gartner, an analysis firm, points out that the popularity of covid-19 has changed the way devices are used, and ultimately increased the number of devices owned by everyone, because it expects the number of devices in use (including PCs, tablets and smartphones) to reach 6.2 billion in 2021. Among them, the number of laptops and tablets will increase by 125 million compared with 2020, and the number of global devices in use in 2022 is expected to continue to grow by 3.2% to 6.4 billion.

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The popularity of cowid-19 has a huge impact on the desktop market, which is expected to drop from 522 million in 2020 to 470 million in 2022.

At the same time, as the first choice for many people to study at home and telecommuting, the utilization rate of laptops and tablets will increase by 8.8% and 11.7% respectively.

Ranjit Atwal, senior research director at Gartner, commented: the covid-19 pandemic has permanently changed the way employees and consumers use their devices.

As telecommuting turns to hybrid office, home education turns to digital education, and interactive games move to the cloud, the type and number of devices people need, own and use will continue to grow.

Finally, in addition to laptops and tablets, the growth rate of smartphone device usage is expected to drop from 2.6% last year to 1% this year.

Analysts said that the entry-level 5g model is encouraging smartphone users to upgrade their devices, or shift from functional machines to smartphone platforms.

More reading from cnBeta: Gartner: it is predicted that the shipment of tablet computers will increase by 69.8% and PC will decrease by 7.3% in 2013. Gartner: the middle and low-end devices will promote the growth of mobile industry. Gartner: it is estimated that the number of Internet of things devices in the world will reach 4.9 billion in 2015. Gartner: it is estimated that the global shipment of mobile devices will reach 2.43 billion in 2014, with a year-on-year growth of 3.1%. Gartner: in 2015, Apple’s semiconductor chips will cost 29 billion US dollars Year on year growth of 7.1% Gartner: global mobile device shipment is expected to grow by 12% in 2018 Gartner: it is estimated that the number of global mobile devices will reach 5.6 billion in 2011. Gartner: it is estimated that 30% of the wearable devices will be hidden in 2017. Gartner: it is estimated that the global IT expenditure will increase to US $3.8 trillion in 2013. Gartner: it is predicted that the global semiconductor market will reach US $3.8 trillion in 2015, $48 billion, a year-on-year increase of 2.2% canalys: in Q1 of 2016, the global PC device shipment was 101 million, a year-on-year decrease of 13% Gartner: in 2015, the global PC shipment fell 8% Gartner: the global mobile phone market will resume growth in 2020 Gartner: in 2020, the global PC computer shipment will reach 275 million, a year-on-year increase of 4.8%

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