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It is estimated that the sales volume of global semiconductor industry will reach 469 billion US dollars in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 8.4% From WSTS

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The following is the It is estimated that the sales volume of global semiconductor industry will reach 469 billion US dollars in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 8.4% From WSTS recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: Hardware equipment industry.

The semiconductor industry has recovered from the cyclical downturn and is expected to achieve faster growth in 2021. The world semiconductor trade statistics Organization (WSTS) predicts that chip sales will accelerate growth by 8.4% to $469 billion next year. It is estimated that chip sales will grow by 5.1% to 433 billion US dollars in 2020. Prior to that, the chip industry’s sales fell 12% in 2019 to $412 billion.

Despite the impact of the new crown pandemic, sales in the semiconductor industry resumed growth this year.

More optimistic than the WSTS forecast, UBS, an investment bank, predicts that revenue from the semiconductor industry will grow by 12% to about $492bn in 2021. UBS estimates that semiconductor revenue will grow by about 7 per cent to $439bn in 2020, overcoming the challenges posed by the new crown pandemic.

5g and AI are regarded as the driving force of development

“There is still enough room for growth in the semiconductor industry,” UBS analysts said in a December 20 report Technological innovations such as 5g, artificial intelligence and machine learning are driving the growth of chip sales.

Among semiconductor stocks, UBS called memory chip maker micron technology “the first choice of 2021.”. UBS said other chip stocks buying ratings included Broadcom, Intel, Marvell Technology and NVIDIA.

Among these stocks, Intel has been lagging behind. UBS analysts expect Intel to announce a long-term commitment to outsource some chip manufacturing, which will change in 2021.

Bradley gastwirth, chief technology strategist at wedbush securities, agrees. According to a December 20 report, he expects Intel to move some of its chip manufacturing capacity to TSMC production next year.

The recovery of semiconductor industry will accelerate in 2021

CJ muse, an analyst at evercore ISI, said the uptrend in the semiconductor cycle is just beginning. He predicts that by 2021, sales in the semiconductor industry will grow by 14% to $500 billion.

In a December 17 report, Muse said chips play a key role in the digital transformation of enterprises.

Analysts at keybanc capital markets said the recent shortage of chip supply indicated strong demand and would support a stronger recovery in 2021. Key suppliers include ADI, microchip, NXP and Anson, keybanc said in its December 16 report.

Analysts at Deutsche Bank have warned that the valuation of most chip stocks already reflects a recovery in the semiconductor industry.

Analysts at Deutsche Bank said in a December 16 report that after the new crown pandemic, the normalization of macroeconomic trends will benefit cyclical industries such as automobile and industry.

At the same time, the transition to 5g will continue to boost the performance of cellular infrastructure and smartphone chip providers, they said.

M & A will continue

Mergers and acquisitions in the semiconductor industry are likely to be the theme of 2021, Deutsche Bank said. However, after the announcement of a series of mergers and acquisitions in the second half of 2020, the list of potential targets is getting shorter and shorter.

In July, ADI announced an agreement to buy Mercer in an all stock deal worth about $21 billion.

In September, NVIDIA announced a plan to buy arm, an IP provider, for up to $40 billion in cash and stock.

In October, amd announced a $35 billion stock purchase of Xilinx.

Also in October, Marvell announced a plan to buy inphi (iphi) in cash and stock for about $10 billion.

Angelo Zino, an analyst at CFRA research, speculates that the most likely acquisition targets now include Cree, lattice semiconductor, NXP, Anson, Semtech and silicon labs.

Zino said in a recent report that after a pause in recent years, the integration of the semiconductor industry should accelerate.

Keybanc said Marvell, microchip and Synaptics were most likely to be acquired. Other potential acquisitions include Ambarella, Anson, silicon labs and silicon motion, the bank said.

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