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Mobile phone panel Market in January 2021: LTPS panel price continues to fall From CINNO Research

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The following is the Mobile phone panel Market in January 2021: LTPS panel price continues to fall From CINNO Research recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: Hardware equipment industry.

The price of a-Si panel continues to maintain a high level, and the demand for terminal manufacturers’ controlled inventory has decreased slightly at the end of the year, but the overall demand is still in short supply; the demand for LTPS LCD mobile phone products is at a low level, and the notebook / vehicle / HD resolution LTPS smart phone products may become the breakthrough direction of panel manufacturers.

A brief review of cinno research

1. In December, due to the rebound of the epidemic situation, the demand for it products sharing the production line with mobile phone panels is increasing, and the market demand for a-Si panels continues to be strong. At the same time, due to the superposition effect of the shortage of driver chips, the short-term situation of a-Si mobile phone panels in short supply will not change, and the price will remain high;

2. In 2021, the capacity expansion of wafer foundry mainly depends on the expansion of Hefei Jinghe production line. Some chip suppliers who have close cooperation with Jinghe have certain advantages in capacity assurance. But on the whole, the shortage of driver chips may continue until the end of 2021, and the continuous shortage of driver chips will greatly affect the demand of subsequent panels;

3. The rigid AMOLED panel with low price advantage further erodes the market share of LTPS LCD. Due to the demand of Huawei, which has the largest usage of LTPS LCD, the LTPS production line has been affected to a certain extent. Some LTPS manufacturers continue to increase the proportion of notebook and vehicle products. At the same time, they open HD resolution low and medium level LTPS intelligent machines to fill the capacity gap;

4. The Japanese JDI Baishan plant, acquired by sharp, will continue to focus on Apple’s iPhone products. BOE has successfully entered the supply chain of Apple’s iPhone and started mass production of Apple’s iPhone screen since December 2020. The product for apple this time is the 6.1-inch flexible AMOLED screen carried by iPhone 12, and the other two suppliers are SDC and LGD;

5. The Nanjing G8.5 production line of CLP panda was officially delivered to BOE in December. At the present stage, it is mainly aimed at stabilizing the customer base. In the future, BOE will increase the proportion of giant panda’s smartphone products, and gradually increase the shipment of solution companies and brand customers;

6. Cinno research predicts that the price of a-Si smart phone panel will remain flat in January and February, the price of LTPS LCD smart phone panel will still drop by about $0.1, and the price of flexible AMOLED smart phone panel will drop by about $1.

More reading: cinno: the global mobile phone panel shipment in 2015 was 2.79 billion, with an annual growth rate of only 1.2% cinno: the global AMOLED mobile phone panel shipment in 2016 was 370 million cinno: memory price in October 2019 cinno research: the global mobile phone panel shipment in 2015 was 2.79 billion, with an increase of 14.6% NPD DisplaySearch: it is estimated that the AMOLED mobile phone panel shipment in 2013 will reach 217 million IHS DisplaySearch: in Q1 2015, the price of 5-inch mobile phone panel of mainland smart phone dropped by about 4%. NPD DisplaySearch: in the first half of 2014, the shipment of mobile phone panel in mainland will reach 300 million pieces. Cinno: global semiconductor market trend in 2019. Cinno: in February 2020, the global LCD TV panel shipment will reach 19.64 million pieces. Cinno: in 2018, the global panel driven IC output value will increase by 3% to US $6.76 billion Research: in the third quarter of 2020, China’s OLED smart machine sales dropped to about 3, China’s smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2020 only about 50 million, down 44.5% year on year

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