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Q1 hard disk performance ranking in 2021 From Master Lu

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Master Lu released the ranking of consumer PC hardware in Q1 2021, and analyzed the market situation of CPU processor, graphics card, memory, hard disk and other products. In terms of hard disk, the new Master Lu improved the algorithm, adapted to SSD hard disk, especially the high-performance hard disk in the age of PCI, and would not casually appear the situation of score overflow.

Hard disk performance list: the best of PCI 4.0

In terms of performance, in Q1, the number of hard disks of pcie4.0 increased, and the reading and writing speed of hard disks reached a terrible value. In the native support of gen4 technology, WD was the Western number_ Black sn850 takes the first place in the hard disk performance list with the arrogant attitude of sequential read speed of 7000mb / s and sequential write speed of 5300mb / s.

The top 3 of the whole hard disk performance list are all hard disks that support PCI e 4.0.

However, it is worth mentioning that the fourth ranked Samsung pm981 is not much lower than the third ranked imager Hof pro in terms of running points, and the gap between the two sides is less than 10000.

In addition, Samsung also occupies half of the seats in the whole hard disk performance list, and the big storage factory really deserves its reputation.

Hard disk share ranking: top manufacturers carve up over 40% of the market

Compared with Samsung’s surpassing rivals in performance, the market performance is going to collapse a little bit. Western Digital, Samsung and Kingston are the top three hard disk brands in the list.

Compared with the mid-2020, Western Digital and Kingston all have increased their market share by different ranges, while Samsung is the only brand with reduced market share among top 3 manufacturers.

The top three manufacturers account for 44.2% of the market share, and the living space of other manufacturers is further compressed.

Compared with the overall share of mechanical hard disk, the year-end report of 2020 shows little change. Solid state hard disk still accounts for more than 75% of the share, and the share of mechanical hard disk is compressed to 24.15%. With the price reduction of SATA solid-state hard disk, the progress of mechanical hard disk elimination is accelerated again. However, depending on the excellent storage capacity of mechanical hard disk, mechanical hard disk still has a place in the future in the short term.

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