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Q1 PC processor performance ranking in 2021 amd dominates the top four From Master Lu

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Today, Master Lu published the ranking of consumer PC hardware in Q1 2021. Among them, the PC processor ranking, amd performance is very eye-catching. The new version of Master Lu’s PC has raised the score. It’s not common for CPU to break through one million, but it’s already blooming everywhere in the new version.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X performance monster that still keeps on the top two years is still sitting on its throne. It can only be said that Intel suck no power, and only AMD can defeat AMD.

Throughout the top 10 of the list, Intel has only one very low seat in the top 5, and the winners are all flagship processors of Intel i9 series with Suffix “Xe”. And the i9-10980xe’s final average running points also stopped at 920000, missing the million mark.

In the list of desktop processors, Intel’s ranking is mostly concentrated in the middle of the list, and accounts for more than half of the seats. It can be seen from the list that Intel’s product performance is not very different.

It is worth mentioning that Intel’s 11th generation processors are emerging in Q1 list. The 11th generation core has released 19 models of i9, i7 and i5, but no I3.

However, the i9-11900k, i7-11700 and i5-11400 can be listed. In fact, the core number of i9-11900k is less than that of i9-10900k, and the process is still at 14nm + + +. The single core Rui frequency is as high as 5.3GHz. Compared with the previous generation of products, the core display upgrade is larger, and there are four more PCI-E channels than the previous generation of core processor.

On the desktop, AMD is not idle.

The layout of AMD series products on the desktop is very sophisticated. The thread Ripper series holds the peak of performance, the sharp dragon R9 series holds the high-end position, and the sharp dragon R7 and sharp dragon R5 series are responsible for nibbling Intel’s midrange market.

Amd on the mobile end is much more radical. Perhaps it was AMD’s rollover a few years ago that led to no one dare to use amd on the mobile end. The mobile end market flowed into Intel’s pocket for nothing. Amd became very fierce after its return to the mobile end with the help of sharp dragon. It often happened that AMD’s low-voltage CPU was playing Intel’s standard pressure CPU.

In the list of mobile terminal performance, top 5 is all included by AMD, and the 11th generation Intel i7 only ranks sixth and seventh. These two products are also the only two Intel products in top 10. It is worth mentioning that AMD’s sharp dragon r55600u low-voltage processor, which ranks 13th in the list, has successfully surpassed the i9-10885h processor, the flagship product of Intel’s 10th generation core.

Compared with AMD’s one-sided CPU performance list, the CPU hot list is completely on the contrary. Intel, which has failed in performance, is proud on the hot list. Performance list means technical strength, while hot list means sales volume. CPU hot list of the products on the list behind a large number of base user support.

On the popular list of desktop processors, top 5 is all owned by Intel, and the models on the list are all non core display versions with Suffix “F”. Compared with non core display processors, the price of non core display processors is lower, and the performance is not nearly the same. As soon as they are launched, they are quickly supported by a large number of users. After all, when the CPU reaches i5, the independent display becomes the standard configuration, and the core display is very weak.

Amd has only two mid-range products on the desktop hot list. They are the seventh and the ninth respectively. They are all relatively backward.

AMD is slightly better in the popular list of notebook processors, but only three products are on the list, ranking first, fourth and fifth respectively. Other locations are all in Intel’s pocket.

Intel has eaten up nearly 80% of the market share of the entire computer CPU market, leaving amd only about 20%. Compared with Q1 2020, AMD’s market share has increased by about 3.37%, followed by a decline in Intel’s market share. However, for Intel’s market share exceeding 70%, it is difficult for AMD to surpass Intel’s market share in the short term. Amd has a long way to go.

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