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Q4 Intel Desktop CPU market share rises 0.8% in 2020 From Mercury Research

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In recent years, amd has become very popular, especially in the field of consumer processors. However, Intel did not wait to die, but actively adjusted its market strategy. Recently, according to data from mercury research, a well-known research institution, Intel’s share of desktop CPU market increased by 0.8% in the fourth quarter of last year. Intel, another important market for notebook processors, also achieved a small increase, which is the first time in three years.

As there are only two players in the x86 CPU market, AMD’s share of desktop and notebook has decreased by 0.8% and 1.2% respectively on a month on month basis. Of course, it has increased year-on-year.

Although AMD’s share in the server market rose steadily, its overall market share in x86 fell by 0.7% to 21.7% in the fourth quarter, up 6.2% year on year. This is a little bit worse because the x86 CPU market has increased by 20.1% in Q4 as a whole.

The picture shows the change of total share

It’s not difficult to explain the reason for the above situation. The organization thinks that AMD chips are seriously affected by shortage. Intel’s own wafer factory is better than TSMC in terms of supply. In the fourth quarter financial report, Intel CEO Si Ruibo disclosed that its PC processor shipment increased by 33%. At the same time, Intel has also cooperated with partners in many autumn and winter shopping activities to promote and reduce prices, which has been recognized by consumers.

Considering that the 11th generation of core H35 / h standard voltage, desktop rocket lake and AMD sharp dragon 5000 APU have entered the market one after another, the share data after the end of the first quarter of this year will have a good show again.

Mercure research: Q4 global x86 processor Intel market share reaches 84.4% in 2019 Mercure research: Q2 amd desktop processor market share grows to 12.3% in 2018 Mercure research: Q1 x86 processor market share rises to 13.3% in 2019 Mercure research: AMD sales share reaches 47% from January to April 2018 Mercure research Research: NVIDIA graphics card market share rose to 82% in the past year mercury research: Q1 Intel CPU market share reached 85% in 2013 mercury research: Q3 global PC chip shipment decreased by about 9% in 2012 Intel nibbled amdmercury research: Q3 processor market report in 2020 amd market share reached a new high since 2007 mercury research: Q1 amd market share reached 19.1% mercury in 2012 Research: Q3 Intel accounted for 80.3% of global share in 2011, amd accounted for 18.8% Mercury:2009 In Q3, Intel CPU market share increased to 81.5%. Research found that AMD will surpass Intel in Benelux market analyst: Intel can save us $4 billion annually in outsourcing chip production. Witeken: Intel’s top 3 technology innovation ranked second in the 10nm process in 2020. Comparison of R & D investment among Intel, AMD and NVIDIA in 2011-2015 Intel second killed the other two

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