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Steam platform RTX 3070 performs best in March 2021 From Valve

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Valve’s steam survey data for March has arrived. Because it’s impossible to buy a graphics card now except to spend a lot of money on eBay, the market share of GPU has not changed much. However, the product with the most obvious monthly growth was RTX 3070, up 0.17%. On the other hand, it’s another great month for AMD, which is now seen on almost 30% of PCs.

GTX 1060 has maintained the top GPU position since it retired from GTX 750 Ti in December 2017 – but its popularity has been steadily declining since the beginning of this year, which may be the reason why some people seem to be able to buy RTX 3070. This ampere core product has the largest monthly growth rate of single card, up 0.17%, and now ranks 17th with a share of 1.29%.

Interestingly, the GTX 1650 experienced the second highest jump (0.15%), bringing it closer to the 1050 Ti in second place. We heard today that NVIDIA is increasing the supply of GTX 1650 in the desktop market, so it is likely to become a top competitor in the future.

All amp cards grew last month: RTX 3080 (0.08%), RTX 3060 Ti (0.04%) and RTX 3090 (0.03%), but there is still no sign of AMD’s radon RX 6000 series.

Amd can be pleased that its CPU performs well. It continues to nibble at Intel’s share, which now stands at 29.97%, up nearly 4% since 2021.

Oculus quest is still the largest VR head display, with a share of 24.25%, making it ahead of oculus rift s (20.96%) and valve index HMD (16.37%).

Finally, windows ﹣ 10 (64 bit) continues to move towards full dominance; its 0.37% growth means that the operating system can now be found on 92% of PCs. 1920 x 1080 is still the most popular resolution (67.35%), and nearly half of steam participants use 16 GB of memory.

More reading from cnBeta: valve: in June 2017, steam platform’s Quad Core CPU / NVIDIA graphics card / win10 system became the mainstream Valve: in July 2017, the proportion of steam platform windows 10 users dropped to 50.49% valve: in May 2016, the proportion of steam platform windows 10 64 bit system reached 40.17% valve: in September 2015, the share of steam platform Linux users was close to 1% valve: in June 2016, the share of steam platform HTC vive in VR was 66% valve: in February 2016, the share of steam platform windows 10 was faster than that of windows 10 Steam platform Windows 8 / 8.1 accounted for 23.03% in March 2014, AMD processor share of steam platform increased to 26.51% in November 2020 ten

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