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The development trend of OLED panel for it will focus on cost reduction, reliability improvement and shape design differentiation

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OLED for it applications has received more attention, but its future is still unclear

In recent years, OLED has successfully entered the smart phone, smart watch and TV market. Especially in the smart phone market, OLED has become the main display technology, and is expected to occupy more than 30% of the market share in the future.

However, omdia observed that in addition to the above parts, the development of OLED displays in application scenarios is still slow. Expanding the supply of it panels is actually the long cherished wish of OLED panel suppliers and brand manufacturers. Due to the surge in demand for home office caused by cowid-19 in 2020, they will consider increasing investment in OLED displays this year. For example, SDC is expected to produce seven new OLED it modules in 2021, ranging from 13 inches to 16 inches.

According to omdia’s long-term forecast, the growth of it OLED panels will gradually slow down, with a compound annual growth rate of only 8% from 2020 to 2027.

The current price of it OLED panels (too expensive compared with LCD) is the reason for this slow growth. From the perspective of publicity, compared with LCD, OLED can bring consumers the experience of so-called new generation display technology. At the same time, in terms of the whole machine, what is more important is that OLED has the characteristics of thinner, lighter and diversified shapes.

In the long run, the development of OLED panel technology for it applications will focus on the following directions

cost reduction

For the current OLED IT products, the main way to reduce costs is to focus on improving product yield. Therefore, rigid OLED is a good choice in the short term. However, just like the development trend of OLED in the field of smart phones, mobile terminals such as tablet computers and laptops will gradually adopt OLED with flexible substrate to reduce weight and thickness.

However, for larger size products, there are still doubts about the quality uniformity of polyimide (PI) substrate products and the yield of thin film packaging (TFE), which will constitute the bottleneck of cost reduction.

In addition, inkjet printing technology is expected to have better economic benefits, which is also one of the development trends of it OLED panel.

Improve reliability

Compared with tablet computers (which can adopt the “dark” mode of smart phones), the user interface (UI) design of notebook computers and large monitors must consider the aging problem caused by long-term display of fixed content. Therefore, the application of OLED in large and medium IT products must involve the extension of service life and the development of burn in free technology.

Increase the diversity of design

Contrary to the above limitations, OLED products have the advantage of variable shape and design. In the short term, panel manufacturers will launch it OLED screens based on camera under screen (UPC) technology, and laptops with folding design will gradually mature.

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