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The sales volume of service robots is expected to increase by 31% in 2021 From Strategy Analytics

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In the latest series of research reports released by the strategy analytics emerging terminal technology (EDT) team, it is predicted that after the annual sales growth of 24% in 2020, the sales of service robots will accelerate by 31% in 2021. The covid-19 epidemic in 2020 has actually driven the demand growth of service robots (especially business oriented service robots), and this growth will continue in the next few years.

Ken Hyers, director of strategy analytics, pointed out: “as the global covid-19 epidemic has triggered the demand for limited communication between people, the demand for service robots by consumers and enterprises is growing in 2020. From home cleaning robots to robots used in classification, packaging and delivery in enterprises, the role of robots is increasing. “

Ville petteri ukonaho, deputy director of strategy analytics, commented: “in 2020, the market segment of professional robots will grow rapidly, especially in the field of cleaning and disinfection, and its shipment will soar 165% in 2020. For companies like UVD robots and LG Electronics, which make UV disinfection robots, this is a treasure. At the same time, in the express and logistics robotics segment (including robots that deliver packages and sort and pack packages in warehouses like Amazon), shipments grew by 84% over the same period. “

“Consumers are also turning to robots to perform home tasks such as vacuuming and mopping the floor, to provide companionship and assistance and educational tasks for children who can’t go back to school,” says Ville petteri ukonaho. For those who work from home, many people seem to use the money they can’t save on vacation to buy other equipment to help them do housework. Working and learning from home has enabled home cleaning providers such as iRobot, ecovacs and roborock, as well as educational robot suppliers such as Softbank, embedded and LEGO to perform well, and their sales have remained healthy and stable during the epidemic period. “

Ken Hyers, director of strategy analytics, said, “we expect the demand for robots to continue to grow from 2020, both in home and professional environments. Especially in the environment such as warehouse, enterprises find that replacing workers with robots will save a lot of money for a long time. The robot is more efficient, faster, can work 7 / 24, and does not need a vacation. Even after COVID-19, service robots will inevitably change some business areas.

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