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Top 10 categories of chips growing fastest in 2021 From IC Insights

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The following is the Top 10 categories of chips growing fastest in 2021 From IC Insights recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: IC Insights, Hardware equipment industry.

IC insights, a well-known semiconductor market research institution, released the top ten fastest growing IC categories in 2021. IC insights predicts that the global IC market sales will increase by 12% on average in 2021, and analyzes and forecasts the market growth rate of 33 types of IC products defined by World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) in the latest version of the McClean report in 2021.

Among them, the top ten IC product categories are expected to increase sales by more than double digits, but only the top five IC products will grow by more than 12% on average, namely DRAM, NAND flash memory, automotive simulation, automotive logic and embedded MPU.

Ranking of IC segments with the highest growth rate from 2019 to 2021 (2021 is forecast, source: IC Insights)

Among them, DRAM and NAND flash memory are considered to be the two fastest growing product areas in 2021, with sales expected to grow by 18% and 17% respectively.

1、 The growth rate of memory chip market is the highest, and DRAM grows by 18%

It’s not surprising that DRAM sales are growing so fast. DRAM is the fastest growing IC product category in 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018.

On the other hand, DRAM used to be one of the worst performing semiconductor products due to its extremely unstable growth cycle. In 2019, the sharp drop in DRAM prices led to a 37% drop in sales in this segment of the market that year, ranking the lowest among all semiconductor product categories in 2019.

Because the novel coronavirus pneumonia has forced many consumers, schools, businesses and governments to change their business and communication mode, and sales of notebook computer, tablet PC and server have increased rapidly. This has promoted the growth of NAND flash market revenue by 24% in 2021.

The popularity of 5g technology to smart phones and computing applications is expected to continue to bring about the prosperity of NAND flash market. The revenue of NAND flash market may increase by 17% in 2021.

2、 Automotive IC market is heating up gradually, and automotive intelligence will continue

The report points out that automotive analog IC and automotive logic IC will become the two fastest growing IC segments in 2021.

In 2020, the impact of the epidemic will have a negative impact on automobile IC sales. However, the rapid recovery of automobile demand in the second half of 2020 will lead to the shortage of many automobile IC products and the rising chip prices.

With the improvement of automobile intelligence, the breakthrough of automatic driving technology and the growth of sales volume of new energy vehicles in 2021, it is estimated that the average price of semiconductor devices per vehicle will increase to more than US $550, which will greatly increase the revenue of in vehicle IC market.

Due to the increasing requirements for the precision of embedded systems and the expansion of Internet of things devices, the market of 32-bit MCU (micro control unit) has expanded a lot. Many new 32-bit MCU designs begin to support wireless connection and Internet Protocol (IP) communication.

In automobile, the demand of 32-bit MCU is being driven by more intelligent vehicle system and real-time sensor functions, which will serve the growing automatic safety functions, such as electronic stability control (ESC) system and automobile automatic collision avoidance system.

At the same time, 32-bit MCU is widely used in consumer electronics and other mass products, and its cost is almost the same as that of 8-bit and 16 bit devices.

3、 AI function enters embedded MPU and MCU

In recent years, with the growth of smart phones slowing down, embedded system MPU manufacturers such as Qualcomm, Samsung and MediaTek have turned more attention to 64 bit embedded processor, which can integrate security features, machine learning AI acceleration and graphics and video functions, and be applied in automatic driving, UAV and Internet of things devices.

In the current AI field, edge learning will gradually become a new trend. Because the cost of sending all data to the cloud is too high, local low-cost data processing will be a mature and cost-effective research direction.

The high energy consumption brought by high performance computing platforms such as GPU, DSP and Vpu is difficult to be carried out locally, so it is a feasible way to upgrade the architecture of existing microprocessors and microcontrollers.

In the future, embedded MPU and MCU market will become more important because of the maturity of AI technology.

Conclusion: IC market growth will be dominated by technological factors

At present, IC insights predicts that the fastest growing IC products in 2021, such as DRAM, NAND, automotive chips and embedded systems, are the most core technology products in emerging fields such as intelligent cars, 5g technology, cloud computing, Internet of things and AI.

With the continuous popularization of these emerging technologies, the downstream applications driven by them may dominate the future IC market pattern.

IC insights: 2016 top 20 IC insights: 2018 global chip market US company share exceeds 50% IC insights: 2020 Global Semiconductor R & D spending 68.4 billion US dollars, 5% year-on-year growth Insights: it is estimated that the value of Chinese made chip products will be raised to 45 billion 200 million US dollars in 2023. IC Insights: we expect that Intel semiconductor revenue will be 69 billion 832 million dollars in 2019 and IC last year. IC Insights:2019 China’s Chinese mainland wafer fab monthly output ranked fifth IC insights: it is estimated that Samsung semiconductor products revenue will drop sharply in 2019 compared with the prediction of the global semiconductor manufacturers in 20%IC Insights:2020 year. Intel first IC Insights:2020 first half of the year, the world’s ten largest semiconductor manufacturer HUAWEI Hass first entered the top ten IC Insights: it is estimated that the global memory chip output will be broken in 2018, 100 billion Insights:2020 IC Insights:2020, the global semiconductor manufacturer’s sales ranking HUAWEI Hass has fallen out of TOP 15IC Insights:2025, the output value of Chinese mainland semiconductor chip will reach 223 billion dollars. IC insights: Samsung’s revenue is expected to reach 65.6 billion US dollars in 2017, surpassing Intel as the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer

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