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Top 10 global IC design industry revenue ranking in the third quarter of 2020 From TrendForce

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According to the latest statistics of Tuo long Industry Research Institute of trendforce, the top ten IC design companies in the world are ranked in the third quarter of 2020. Thanks to Apple’s launch of the new iPhone 12 series and its popularity in the consumer market, the demand for 5g modem and radio frequency chips of Qualcomm has increased significantly. In the third quarter, its revenue surpassed Broadcom once again and leapt to the first in the world.

Despite the delay in the release of Apple’s new machine, this year, Qualcomm has returned to Apple’s supply chain. In addition, terminal customers are actively soliciting goods due to the epidemic situation, and 5g RF component products are gradually contributing to the revenue. Therefore, with revenue of $4.967 billion, the company regained the first place with an annual growth of 37.6%. Broadcom, the second largest company, had revenue of $4.626 billion in the third quarter, with an annual growth of 3.1%. It got rid of the six consecutive annual recession, mainly due to the demand for applications in the cloud, wireless and Netcom. At the same time, Broadcom is also one of the chip suppliers of Apple’s new machine, thus offsetting the impact of Sino US trade friction.

NVIDIA’s revenue continued to be boosted by the Netcom chip maker mellanox, with an annual growth rate of 55.7%, ranking first again. AMD, on the other hand, has achieved good results in the market of laptop, desktop, data center and home game console, boosting its revenue to $2.801 billion, with an annual growth of 55.5%, after NVIDIA.

Xilinx and dialog were the only two companies to decline in the third quarter. The former was still affected by trade friction between China and the United States. The annual revenue decline of the Netcom sector was 37%, which affected the overall revenue performance. Deloger semiconductor is a customized hybrid signal product line with poor performance. Its annual decline of 19.6% led to the overall third quarter revenue of only $386 million.

The overall performance of Taiwan based IC design industry is still outstanding. It is worth mentioning that under the situation of customers actively soliciting goods, Realtek and novatek benefited from customers’ active sales, and their annual revenue growth exceeded 40%, both surpassing Marvell, taking seventh and eighth places respectively. Among them, Ruiyu is more closely following Xilinx in revenue The gap is about $7 million.

On the whole, despite Sino US trade frictions and the impact of the epidemic situation, the demand for data center, Netcom, pen and other products continues to rise due to long-distance office and teaching. In addition, terminal system customers are also worried about the recurrence of chain break, so they are still actively soliciting goods. Looking forward to 2021, Yao Jiayang, an analyst, believes that there are variables in Sino US trade friction and epidemic development, and global wafer capacity supply is also seriously insufficient. IC design industry is bound to moderately raise prices to ensure normal supply of upstream wafer capacity. Overall, it is expected that the global IC design industry will continue to grow next year.

Global MacBook shipments are expected to reach 1 in 2021, 5.5 million units, an annual growth of 23.1% trendforce: it is estimated that in the fourth quarter of 2020, the revenue of the world’s top ten wafer foundry industry will exceed US $21.7 billion, an annual growth of 18% trendforce: the server production will remain weak in the fourth quarter of 2020 DRAM price pile up in excess of requirement: 13%~18%TrendForce novel coronavirus pneumonia: the fourth quarter memory is still in an oversupply situation, the overall average price will drop by nearly 10% TrendForce:2020. The annual growth of the LCD display shipment is estimated to be 37%TrendForce:2019. The overall sales of the global module market reached US $16 billion 100 million, only an annual decrease of 3%TrendForce: the new crown pneumonia epidemic was increasing, NAND The average price of flash may turn down ahead of the second half of the year. Trendforce: the server market performed strongly in the first half of the year, but the shipment schedule in the second half of the year may be disrupted by the epidemic situation. Trendforce: coronapneumonia officially enters the pandemic, and the global system risk will impact the memory industry. Trendforce: the revenue ranking of the top ten IC design companies in the world will decrease by 4.1% annually in 2019 The revenue of flash industry reached US $12.5 billion, with a quarterly increase of 8.5% trendforce: it is estimated that the sales of notebook computers in Q1 2020 will decline by nearly 26% compared with the same period last year. Trendforce: the revenue of NAND flash in the fourth quarter of 2019 will reach US $12.5 billion, with a quarterly increase of 8.5%

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