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Triple resonance of policy, supply and demand and innovation From IDC’s insight

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In the future, the direction of IDC industry chain is expected to take on 5g and become another long-term main line of communication industry. The old infrastructure represents the path of the country’s rise in the last round. The new infrastructure led by 5g and IDC carries the heavy task of the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in the future. The infrastructure in the new era has the epitome of the new era. 5g constitutes a closed-loop with operators as the main body of investment and operation. With the rise of cloud, IDC has created a new closed-loop with cloud manufacturers as the main body of investment and operation, which will become a new incremental body of IT sector.

Supply and demand: the flow has doubled, and the new market has a new pattern. In the 5g era, with the gradual implementation of high broadband applications, traffic will explode in the order of tens of times. At the same time, cloud computing is also accelerating, and data will become an important factor of production. We believe that the market underestimates the changes in the supply and demand pattern of the current IDC industry. The upward cycle of 5g traffic, the promotion of the epidemic to the cloud and the tightening of the first tier cities’ indicators will drive the cloud manufacturers to pay more attention to the resources in the core areas. At the same time, the state-owned enterprises and Internet giants go out to sea, which is of great importance to overseas IDC The demand for resources is increasing, and the traditional iron and steel enterprises will become new participants in the IDC industry due to their outstanding resource endowment.

Policy side: data has become a new factor of production, and the fight for traffic under the “new infrastructure” starts. Data as a new factor of production written into the central file, the importance of data for the development of productivity is increasing. The central economic and work conference emphasized “new infrastructure” and accelerated the construction of new infrastructure such as 5g network and data center. Switching from the state-owned investment main body dominated by operators to the private investment main body dominated by Internet and cloud manufacturers, the traffic battle camp under the new infrastructure is gradually clear.

Technical aspect: the demand improvement of data center brings more than quantitative change. We not only see that the expansion of the computer room itself, the substantial growth of the data level and the improvement of the transmission rate have brought the load-bearing pressure, but also put forward more requirements for the internal equipment and devices of the data center. Similar to the 5g technology innovation and evolution, the IDC industry chain will also usher in innovation and change

1) Optical module: higher transmission rate / faster iteration cycle, the road of globalization, constructing China alpha above beta;

2) Network equipment: speed upgrade, higher density data exchange / forwarding;

3) Wiring: IDC capillaries, industry thickness increases;

4) PCB / CCL: not only high frequency board, but also high speed board;

5) Power / cooling: higher power consumption, lower pue. We believe that the demand of fan in North America has been highlighted, and the domestic innovation curtain will also be opened.

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