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Brief analysis of garbage disposal in 2020 and forecast of its trend in 2021 From GfK

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With the gradual implementation of waste classification in Beijing, Shanghai and other first tier cities, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development announced that: by the end of 2020, 46 key cities in China will basically complete the domestic waste classification and treatment system, and 294 cities at prefecture level and above will also start to fully deploy the domestic waste classification, which will become a major trend and irreversible.

In the face of the rapid growth of market demand, how to effectively deploy the development strategy of garbage disposal enterprises? GfK zhongyikang’s “Annual Analysis of garbage disposal in 2020” report interprets the current market situation, dual channel, popular products and future market trend of garbage disposal industry, helps enterprises grasp the industry trends and take the lead in adjusting decisions.

01. Policy blessing helps the growth of garbage disposal

On July 1, 2019, Shanghai municipal solid waste management regulations was officially implemented. Its strict classification standards and punishment measures were once rated as “the strictest” waste classification regulations in history by netizens. According to the monitoring data of GfK zhongyikang, in terms of offline market by province, the sales volume of waste processors in Shanghai, which was the first to implement domestic waste classification, is far ahead, accounting for 34% of the national sales.

With the official implementation of the new version of “Beijing Municipal Regulations on the management of domestic waste” on May 1, 2020, waste classification has become a hot topic among netizens all over the country. Garbage sorting policy has been vigorously promoted, and garbage disposal, a new type of household appliances, has also been pushed to the forefront.

In addition, according to the public data, the market penetration rate of kitchen waste disposal in China is less than 1%, which is far behind the penetration rate of more than 70% in Europe, the United States and other places.

02. Blowout growth of online market

As long as consumers have a wider range of online and offline products to choose from, and there is no need to copy online products. Under the outbreak of the epidemic, consumers are forced to stay at home, which is more obvious. According to the monitoring data of GfK, in 2020, the retail volume of garbage processors in the online market will reach 217000 units, with a year-on-year growth of 85%, and the retail volume will reach 440 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 118%.

From the main characteristics of products in the online market, DC motor of garbage disposal occupies the mainstream of the market, with 82% of retail sales in 2020. In addition, garbage disposal switches are divided into air switch, two-way start switch and wireless switch. According to the monitoring data of GfK, the retail sales share of wireless switch has reached 65%, which is 18% higher than that in 2019.

From the point of view of the hot selling categories of key brands, DC motor and wireless switch have become standard configuration, voice control, original imported grinding rod, automatic shutdown and other functions have become the biggest selling points of three major professional brands: beckbas, Aishi and weistm; large capacity, shutdown protection and wire drawing metal appearance are popular among brand new products of Fudan Shenhua, Haier and Meimei.

In 2020, the price segment of products in the online market will move up, the market share of more than 2500 yuan will increase by 20%, and the price segment of 3500-4000 yuan will increase by 596.6%.

03. Steady growth of offline Market

With the gradual implementation of the waste classification regulations, the offline market of waste processors has maintained a steady growth. According to the monthly offline retail monitoring data of GfK, the monthly sales concentration of the offline market of garbage disposal in 2020 is basically synchronized with the online channel. Offline retail volume peaked in November, and the average price reached 2421 yuan in December.

According to the monitoring data of GfK, the proportion of retail sales of AC motor increased slightly compared with that of 2019, but DC motor still dominated, accounting for 75%, while the proportion of retail sales of switch type did not change significantly.

From the perspective of the performance of the offline market of garbage disposal by price segment, compared with that in 2019, the retail sales share of the offline market in the price segment of 2500-3000 yuan in 2020 showed the most obvious year-on-year growth, with an increase of 261.3%. The share of retail sales of products above 4000 yuan also showed a rapid growth trend, with a year-on-year growth of 148.5%.

According to the monthly offline retail monitoring data of GfK, the retail sales of the top ten best-selling models in the offline market accounted for 60.3% of the overall offline market in 2020.

The brand has obvious advantages of high concentration and specialization

As the whole industry of garbage disposal is in its infancy and the market is booming, the number of brands is expanding rapidly. According to the monitoring data of GfK, the number of brands in the online market will reach 166 in 2020, an increase of 50 compared with that in 2019, and the number of brands in the offline market has now exceeded 50.

Although a large number of “latecomers” of integrated household appliances and kitchen appliances brands such as Midea, Haier, yunmi, vantage, and whirlpool entered the market quickly and showed good market performance, the market recognition of professional brands is still relatively high, and the brand pattern is relatively concentrated.

According to the monitoring data of GfK, three brands, beckbas, Aishi and vistum, account for 80% of the retail sales in the offline market. Even in the highly competitive online market, the total retail sales share of the three brands has reached 60.3%.

05. “Danger” and “opportunity” coexist in the development of the industry

For garbage disposal, on the one hand, policies promote the market; on the other hand, the epidemic situation promotes people’s attention to healthy green life and quality living; and the “lazy economy” brought by the rise of post-90s consumer groups. These factors will bring long-term benefits for kitchen waste disposal, and its growth is expected in the future.

However, some consumers still have some concerns about garbage disposal, such as energy consumption, pipe blockage, noise and so on. In addition, as an installation type household appliance, there are certain requirements for installation space. These aspects reflect that consumers have certain requirements for grinding grade, grinding capacity and other product performance. Although there are two national standards “special requirements for the safety of waste food processors for household and similar electrical appliances” and “waste food processors”, which put forward specific requirements for the safety and performance of waste food processors, the relevant standards for energy efficiency, water efficiency and health function need to be improved.

In general, technology and product innovation will become the entry point for brands to enter the competition, and the upgrading of products will continue to enrich the connotation of garbage disposal. Only when manufacturers really understand the immediate needs of consumers, can they win the favor of consumers and win the market.

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