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China’s refrigerator market in February 2021 From GfK

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In 2021, the sales of the refrigerator market showed explosive growth. According to the year-on-year changes in the retail sales of the sub channels of the refrigerator, the two-line market continued to be in a downturn in 2020. In February, the two-line market of the refrigerator rebounded sharply. The increase of the offline market in February was as high as 167%, which exceeded the total increase of the two-line sales during the 11th period of last year.

According to the changes in the average price of refrigerators in different channels of the market, the average price of double-line refrigerators has maintained a double-digit growth since the end of last year. The average price of online channels fluctuates around 2000 yuan, and the average price of offline channels is maintained in the price range of 4000-5000 yuan. The average price of offline channels in February increased by 17.1% compared with that in February last year, which is higher than that of online channels.

As the mainstream category of refrigerator market, multi door and opposite door refrigerators have increased penetration and occupied a large market share in February this year. According to the retail sales share of refrigerators, in February 2021, the online retail sales share of multi door and opposite door refrigerators accounted for 65%, and the offline retail sales share accounted for 77.3%.

In February this year, the average price of offline channels of multi door and opposite door refrigerators increased by 743 yuan and 544 yuan respectively from February last year. The rising average price of hot-selling products has driven the overall average price of the industry up. The average online and offline prices of the refrigerator industry rose 270 yuan and 647 yuan respectively.

According to the monitoring data of GfK, the trend of refrigerator products to large volume and high-end is obvious. In February 2021, the online and offline retail sales share of refrigerators with volume less than 400L decreased by 8.9% and 6.3% year on year, and the retail sales share of 500l-600l refrigerators in the dual line market increased significantly. According to the change of retail sales share in price segment, the retail sales share in 6K + price segment of online market and 10K + price segment of offline market of refrigerator increased significantly in February 2021.

On the brand side, according to the two-line volume and price performance of the top 10 refrigerator brands in February, the market share of the main brands in the refrigerator market rose and fell by half in February, and the average price of the two-line market of the main brands rose significantly.

According to the top 15 model summary of refrigerator market share in February, multi door and opposite door refrigerators have become the mainstream of the market, and Haier, Midea and Rongsheng have strong market share.

With the development trend of high-end refrigerator products is obvious, brands have joined the high-end market competition. According to the summary of top 10 products with 8000 yuan of offline refrigerator market share in February, multiple refrigerators occupied nine seats in the top 10 list, holding the high-end market share.

In the top 10 list of new products in February, new products of multi door and opposite door refrigerators emerge in endlessly, occupying the mainstream market of new refrigerator products. In the offline channels, Siemens multi door refrigerators occupy 57.7% of the market share, with a significant trend of high-end products.

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