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Research shows that American consumers like to buy big TVs From NPD

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In the past few years, the size of American TV screens has been increasing. Overall, more TVs have been installed in the United States than ever before (the number of screens over 60 inches has increased from 11% a year ago to 15%), and the TV replacement interval has dropped from 5.4 years last year to 4.9 years.

According to NPD’s television ownership trends report, the average size of replacement TVs jumped from 49 inches in November 2019 to 51 inches, compared with 47 inches in November 2018.

“This year, novel coronavirus pneumonia has made it more important for consumers to spend more time at home, and family entertainment has become more and more important. TV sales and other high-tech products have aroused a lot of interest, so we see a significant change in TV installed capacity. ” John buffone, executive director of industry analyst for NPD’s Internet intelligence business, said, “because Americans can’t watch movies or participate in live entertainment, they are shifting their consumer spending to technologies that provide content for families.”

So far in 2020, TV sales have increased by 19% over the same period in 2019. Through digital Monday, sales of 65 inch TVs are up 27% from 2019, while sales of 70 inch TVs and above are up 82%. Overall, TVs 65 inches and above accounted for 21% of sales, up from 18% in 2019 and 13% in 2018. 65 inch and above TVs are expected to account for 27% of sales by 2022.

While screen size is a key driver, features such as high dynamic range imaging (HDR) and applications will continue to play a bigger role as consumers consider buying new products. In fact, HDR now affects 13% of alternative TV sales, and app availability is said to affect 31% of alternative TV sales, up from 23% a year ago.

“This year, consumers see the value of big screens and newer and more modern technologies, which can better meet their entertainment needs.” Stephen Baker, vice president of industry consultant of NPD group, said, “this commitment to new technology and the value that new technology can bring to consumers will be the key to the continuous growth of large screen TV in 2021 and beyond.”

Source: Advanced Television * this article is compiled by the future media network

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