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Global smartphone manufacturers’ shipment volume and market share in the first quarter of 2021 From IDC

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IDC, a research institute, released the global mobile phone quarterly tracking report today. The data shows that in the first quarter of 2021, the recovery momentum of smart phone market accelerated, and the shipment volume increased by 25.5% year on year.

IDC said that the total shipment volume of smartphone manufacturers in the first quarter of 2021 reached 346 million units, and all regions showed strong growth momentum. The highest growth came from China and the Asia Pacific region (excluding China and Japan). As the two regions with the largest proportion in the world, they accounted for about half of the global shipment volume, contributing 30% and 28% year-on-year growth respectively.

As for mobile phone manufacturers, Huawei fell out of the top five for the first time in many years after being hit hard by the increased US sanctions. Chinese brands Xiaomi, oppo and vivo have benefited from the trend. Their market share has increased compared with the last quarter, ranking third, fourth and fifth in the world with 14.1%, 10.8% and 10.1% market share respectively. At the same time, the three above-mentioned companies are also continuing to make efforts in the international market where Huawei’s share has increased rapidly in recent years, and benefit the most from the decline of Huawei’s low-end market.

IDC pointed out that the international market share of high-end price segment is mostly occupied by apple and Samsung. Samsung regained the first place with 75.3 million units and 21.8% market share. The good performance of the new S21 series is mainly due to its successful pricing strategy of $100 lower than last year’s flagship products. Although Apple’s market share has declined compared with the previous strong peak season, the continued success of the iPhone 12 series has made apple still sell an impressive 55.2 million iPhones, with a market share of 16.0%.

IDC also talked about the impact of Huawei’s crackdown and LG’s withdrawal from the smartphone market in the report. Ryan Reith, vice president of IDC’s global mobile device tracking program, said that while Huawei continues to experience a decline, LG is also completely withdrawing from the smartphone market. Most of LG’s sales come from America, with North America accounting for more than 50% and Latin America for 30%. Although LG has lost some positions in recent years, it still has 9% market share in North America and 6% market share in Latin America. The withdrawal of LG and Huawei will give other brands opportunities. Because the competition is more intense than ever, especially in the low-end market. To be sure, 6-10 brands are eyeing this market. More reading: IDC: the global smartphone shipment in Q3 in 2017 was 373.1 million, with a year-on-year growth of 2.7% IDC: it is estimated that the global smartphone shipment in 2011 will be 472 million IDC: Android and IOS accounted for more than 80% of the global smartphone shipment in Q1 in 2012 IDC: Global Smartphone and mobile phone data in Q2 in 2013 IDC: Global smartphone shipment in Q3 in 2009 increased by 4.2% year-on-year net applications: Google Android has nearly 50% of the global smartphone market share iSuppli: it is estimated that the global smartphone market share will exceed 50% in 2015 iSuppli: it is predicted that the global smartphone shipment will reach 1.03 billion iSuppli: in Q1 2011, the global smartphone shipment will reach 97 million, down 1.5% year on year China’s smartphone shipments will reach 450 million in 2014 Gartner: 366 million global smartphones will be shipped in Q3 in 2020, down 5.7% year on year sigmaintell: 253 million global smartphones will be shipped in the first quarter of 2020, down 16.8% year on year About 680 million

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