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India’s mobile phone market share will decrease by 2% in 2020 From IDC

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According to reports, India has always been the hottest smartphone market outside China. Recently, IDC, an American technology market research company, released its 2020 report on India’s smartphone market. The market shrank slightly, with two giants, Xiaomi and Samsung occupying the top two positions.

The IDC report shows that in 2020, the mobile phone market in India had shrunk by 2% and sales volume was 149 million 700 thousand due to COVID-19’s influence.

The top five companies include four Chinese brands, and non Chinese Samsung Electronics ranks second.

Xiaomi won 27% of India’s smartphone market last year, ranking first. But sales of Xiaomi’s phones fell 6% to 41 million. IDC report pointed out that the sales leader of Xiaomi was Hongmi 8 with low price. In the second half of the year, the mobile phone momentum was replaced by Hongmi 9 series.

Samsung sold 29.7 million smartphones in India last year, a 4% drop in sales and a 20% market share. IDC commented that Samsung’s sales mainly came from the galaxy M series and the newly released Galaxy F series. In addition, Samsung’s online sales increased 65% year on year last year, while its offline sales dropped 28%.

Chinese brand vivo ranked third with 18% share. Its sales soared 12% year-on-year to 26.7 million units.

Another Chinese brand, realme, ranked fourth, with a 13% share and 19.2 million units sold, up 19% year-on-year.

IDC reported that in the second half of last year, India’s smartphone market rebounded and is expected to usher in strong growth in 2021. In the fourth quarter of last year, India sold 45 million smartphones, up 21% year on year. Samsung’s sales soared 35% in the fourth quarter, with 7.7 million units sold.

The report predicts that the growth rate of India’s smartphone market this year will be between 5% and 9%, and the sales power will mainly come from the demand for medium end mobile phone replacement and the affordable 5g mobile phone. In addition, offline channel sales will also recover.

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