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The following is the Top 10 forecast of China’s future customers in 2021 From IDC recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: IDC.

IDC future customer research is to focus on the end customers and consumers, from the perspective of empathy and empathy, understand the needs of future customers, through the application of data and digital technology, improve digital marketing strategy, balance the relationship between customer experience and business results, and create a personalized and trusted customer relationship with end customers.

In the next five years, digital marketing will develop more rapidly in the aspects of non-contact experience, consumption entertainment, consumer generated video and humanized experience. Companies that value customer empathy and digital experience will also be favored by more customers in the future. The protection of customer data security and privacy is becoming important and urgent.

IDC futurescape’s forecast for future customers in China is as follows:

Forecast 1: number first

By 2021, 70% of organizations will take the lead in turning to digital through automated operations and contactless experiences, as physical interaction has become a convenience of the past.

Forecast 2: Empathy

By 2025, enterprises with excellent performance in empathy and security on a large scale will surpass 40% of those without the same ability.

Forecast 3: entertainment consumption

By 2022, 45% of China’s fortune 500 B2C brands will assign executives to increase the use of “consumer entertainment” applications to reach Z and α generation buyers.

Forecast 4: consumer generated video

By 2025, 50% of China’s fortune 500 enterprises’ investment in consumer generated video will verify its impact on enterprise income and customer satisfaction.

Forecast 5: new environment

In 2021, customers will spend an additional 25% on working with companies whose digital transformation can quickly and easily adapt to the new business environment.

Forecast 6: partners

By 2024, 60% of technology buyers will choose mature and well-known partners to adapt to the changing needs of consumers through faster and faster innovation.

Forecast 7: organizational control

By 2023, 45% of organizations will use standardized workflow to link with enterprise applications to regain control over the stability of user-defined applications, thus improving customer data security and providing excellent customer experience.

Forecast 8: social responsibility

By the end of 2023, 80% of the large and medium-sized enterprises will formulate or revise the social responsibility statement, and make their customers recognize it again, so as to promote the development of social undertakings.

Prediction 9: human experience

By 2021, 65% of new mobile applications will focus on providing humanized digital experience for consumers, making consumers more identify with new digital priority.

Forecast 10: privacy value

By 2024, privacy will be redefined as “data value”, and suppliers will provide customer loyalty service programs to exchange consumer data, with 70% of consumers participating.

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