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100 Wanda Plaza fully launched “pay as points” and “smart business circle” led the transformation of new business form

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Low integral efficiency and poor consumer experience are the common pain points of traditional business circle member operation mode. Recently, in order to better promote the operation optimization of members in the business circle, wechat payment, Wanda business management and Bingsheng technology have joined hands to launch the “pay as points” capability in Wanda Plaza. By March 21, 100 Wanda plazas across the country will have access to wechat payment “pay as points” service to link shopping malls, merchants and customers and build a smart business circle.

Integral operation is one of the most effective member operation modes in business circle. With the ability of “pay as points” of wechat payment online in Wanda Plaza, consumers can scan the code to enter the “wanfenhui” small program in various regions of the country, become members and authorize the “pay as points” function, and then use wechat payment in the stores of business circle to realize the automatic and fast payment of points, simplify the process of points, and create a smoother consumption experience and scene Knot.

Payment is a service. In the wechat payment system, every payment is the entrance to connect users, and can carry out follow-up services and touch. The access of “payment is integral” can not only realize the double upgrade of consumer shopping experience and business circle operation efficiency, but also maximize the value of consumption scene – link the goods / services that generate integral, establish the link between people and goods / services, and realize on-site and off-site integrated operation.

In addition to the ability of “payment is integral”, wechat payment “smart business circle 3.0” solution also helps the intelligent development of business circle by cultivating high-frequency scenarios such as member operation and user service through the ability of non sensory parking and face payment. At present, based on the wechat payment “smart business circle 3.0” solution, Wanda business management, together with Bingsheng technology, has built the “Wanda Plaza” small program for 368 Wanda business circles in China, which has 84 million registered users; the smart parking solution combined with senseless payment and other capabilities has been promoted in Wanda Plaza, which can save 2 / 3 of the labor cost and improve the traffic efficiency of parking lots .

In the use of other wechat ecological tools, wechat payment, Wanda business management and Bingsheng technology have carried out many cooperation before. In the first half of last year, Wanda cooperated with more than 100 cities, 320 Wanda squares and 50000 merchants in China, issued 400 million consumption coupons based on wechat app, and completed the first domestic online and offline synchronous, nationwide linkage, and the largest business center marketing activity; in the joint marketing activities of Wanda Plaza and Everbright Bank, based on the ability of wechat card coupons, it realized off-site drainage and different business Invigorating – 74% of users purchase and consume coupons outside Wanda Plaza, and the overall cancellation rate of coupons has reached 85%. In August last year, Wanda business management released its first marketing IP Product “wanwei card” based on wechat payment ability, in which all kinds of coupons, payment deductions and other preferential rights of more than 1000 yuan were aggregated, and the sales exceeded 350000 in more than half a month, bringing accurate and loyal customer satisfaction At the same time, it also takes food as the breakthrough point to drive the outbreak of the whole industry.

The contemporary society is moving towards digitalization. Wechat payment “smart business circle 3.0” solution relies on the characteristics of Internet, data and socialization to help the digital transformation and upgrading of offline business circle. At present, business circles including Yinli group, Kaide group, China Resources Land business, Baolong business, jiazhaoye business and Vanke business have joined hands with wechat payment to build a smart business circle. In the future, wechat payment will continue to open more abundant products, hardware and data marketing capabilities, enhance the operation efficiency of business circles and brand businesses, reduce operation costs, and improve consumption experience. More reading: appbi: wwdc2019 is Apple’s “turning point” big data of Chinese style is deceptive frog design: 15 Trends in science and technology in 2014, 9 Tips for promoting mobile applications Apple: iTunes podcast 8-year subscription exceeds 1 billion real situation of domestic Internet parking development ft Research Institute: 2015 white collar income confidence index Research Middle level has more confidence in income growth data operation of 2015 China’s agricultural products circulation industry development trend survey: how to revitalize users of social app? Blab: how to use big data to “predict the future” human beings 100 years ago and today — data information map wechat to suppress the pan media of public platform, how to develop the future form? Demand Gen: Manufacturer expands digital conversion to sales and marketing report Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold detection kit, infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries CCFA: Top 100 supermarkets in China in 2019

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