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On the afternoon of December 18, 2020, “2020 container cloud vocational skills competition annual grand ceremony” brought a new live broadcast for the majority of IT practitioners. In the “big prize” competition, the team won the second prize one by one. Fierce defense PK, brilliant technical comments, so that the whole technology feast climax. The audience responded warmly. They thought that the live broadcast was novel. They met the gods from all over the world. They said that the content of the competition always followed the development of technology and trend. The scheme was very valuable and enlightening. During the live broadcast, the technology giants gathered together, and the IT management elites, industry technical experts and industry leaders from all walks of life gathered together to participate in the grand event. The 2020 container cloud vocational skills competition will last for seven months (June December 2020), and will be divided into two stages: mass learning and elite competition. It is estimated that there will be about 4000 large and medium-sized enterprises, involving 126000 people.

With the end of the live broadcast, the seven month “2020 container cloud vocational skills competition” also announced a successful conclusion. The competition was initiated by 108 enterprise IT management elites from banking, insurance, securities, telecommunications, manufacturing and other industries. Chinese enterprise IT community TWT and red hat, the world’s leading enterprise open source software solution provider, were jointly sponsored by NVIDIA, Veritas, Amazon cloud services (AWS), Alibaba cloud, Inspur commercial Machine Co., Ltd., and the core goal was to help To help IT professionals of large and medium-sized enterprises in China to quickly master the application and system upgrading professional skills of container and other cloud native technologies under the wave of container cloud technology, so as to help enterprises fundamentally break through the bottleneck of business innovation and accelerate the realization of digital transformation.

“2020 container cloud vocational skills competition” is divided into two stages: “mass learning” and “elite competition”. 105 experts from the competition Expert Committee jointly built the competition learning platform, focusing on five key technical posts, covering 29 tool chains related to container cloud, online tutoring and graduation certification, providing one-stop resources for systematic learning for participants in the “mass learning” stage. 23713 people from 3969 enterprises participated in the study, and 5015 people participated in the certification. 932 pioneers in the container application era participated in the skills competition between the five post track and team track in the “elite competition”. The team track was first created to promote the reform of enterprise organization and management. With the help of professional consultants of red hat open innovation laboratory, an open, collaborative and innovative IT team was built. In the end, the winners of the 25 awards included 9 excellent teams and 30 outstanding individuals, and 39 best practice works were produced. The whole process has truly realized an industry level learning movement integrating learning, certification and competition.

In the course of seven months of the competition, the co-founder cooperated with each other to create a business solution of container management based on enterprise kubernetes with multiple public cloud platforms and heterogeneous computing platforms as the base and enterprise level kubernetes as the core. At the same time, the container cloud experience environment supporting traditional applications and emerging applications such as AI / ml provides a smooth competition Strong technical support has also contributed to the deep ecological integration.

Dozens of enterprise IT management elites, industry technology experts, and industry leaders of manufacturers participated in the live broadcast of the grand ceremony as the team finals review, best practice program review and award presentation guests.

Open, calm and unconventional — march forward the container application era hand in hand. Let’s step into the era of container application, join hands in the wave of technological change, and make the world a better place.

2021, looking forward to seeing you again!

(for the complete list of winners and guest lineup of “2020 container cloud vocational skills competition”, please refer to the official wechat of TWT community: the light of live broadcast technology of the annual grand ceremony is shining, “2020 container cloud vocational skills competition” is successfully concluded)

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