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On December 22, the 2020 international science and Technology Innovation Festival and global digital conference, jointly sponsored by digital central network, digital central commonweal and many domestic technology and financial media, was held in Beijing.

As a high-level activity in the field of science and technology, this year’s science and Technology Innovation Festival has attracted much attention. The theme of the activity is “innovation leads digital empowerment”. During the science and Technology Innovation Festival, the opening ceremony, high-level forum, digital achievement exhibition, and “light of science and technology innovation” ceremony were held. In addition, during the science and Technology Innovation Festival, a number of characteristic activities such as industry theme summit and achievement release were also held. More than 300 companies with the most innovative spirit were invited to attend and share the scientific and technological achievements. More than 120 important guests from the fields of science and technology, business, politics, academia, etc. share cutting-edge views. More than 200 media are deeply involved, and more than 6 million online and offline influences and interactions will be made.

2020 international science and Technology Innovation Festival and global digital conference held in Beijing

2020 international science and Technology Innovation Festival and global digital conference held in Beijing

He is a member of the 11th and 12th CPPCC National Committee. He is currently president of Huaxia new supply Economics Research Institute, researcher and doctoral advisor of China Academy of financial Sciences, executive vice president of China enterprise reform and Development Research Association, executive director of Council of China foundation for international studies, assistant foreign minister, former ambassador to the United Nations, and former spokesman of the foreign ministry Zhang Zhongxiang, President of National Institute of energy, environment and industrial economics, director of informatization and Industrial Development Department of national information center, director of Smart City Development Research Center, Secretary General of national big data development expert advisory committee, academician of World Academy of productivity Sciences, Professor of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Bo Mr. cha Hongwang, Professor of Peking University, director of insurance big data research center of Beijing big data research institute, Mr. Zhao Zhanbo, executive director and associate professor of competition law research center of University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Dr. Han Wei, law doctor, Mr. Wang Huitong, vice president of European and American students Association of Central University of Finance and economics, Mr. Liang Jianmin, President of digital central network, Mr. Zhu Jincheng, President of North Asia region of Weidi technology, and vice president of China gas Mr. Yang Zhiliang, manager, Zhang Hongchao, founder and chairman of board of directors, Zhang Tao, general manager of ecological technology of Haier Yilian, Han Jinming, chairman of Hezhi Youde pharmaceutical, co-founder of cheyipai, Cai Xu, Chief Strategic Officer, Meng Sihai, deputy general manager of chuangmi technology, Wang Kai, product general manager of cloud network communication division of Dr. Peng group, and deputy general manager and marketing director of Bosch Internet industry Chen Wei and other guests attended the meeting and made speeches.

2020 international science and Technology Innovation Festival and global digital conference is committed to building a diversified and open platform for exchange and cooperation. In the form of independent speech, high-end dialogue, achievement display and in-depth sharing, the activities comprehensively display the achievements of scientific and technological innovation, convey the spirit of scientific and technological innovation, focus on the latest development trend of science and technology, as well as new technologies and new applications of global science and technology, so as to contribute to the power of science and technology.

Gather the strength of scientific innovation and embrace the digital wave

With the rapid development of digital economy, digital is changing our production and life at an unprecedented speed. With the continuous integration of digital technology, China’s transformation and development also presents a rapid development trend.

Participants discussed digital industrialization and digital industry development

At the activity site, ye Wei, director of supply chain of Nippon Investment Co., Ltd., Wang Zhiqiang, general manager of Unicom payment data technology division, Wei Wei, President of Yida future, Zhang Qingyong, founder of kangou group, Zhou you, vice president of Yixian technology, Zhu Shuang, head of marketing department of Siemens Medical China composite operating room, Ma Wenlin, general manager of Intelligent Transportation Department of mushroom car Union, chairman, President and Chuang of lvtu group Zhang Jianglin is the founder; Wei Guangping, President of sanmeng technology Artificial Intelligence Application Research Institute; Tao Chuntang, general manager of qiniu cloud flow products; Shen Longsheng, Internet director of Dongfang Yuhong building e Institute; Cao Wenlong, vice president of Wufeng technology; Li Shuhao, founder and CEO of titanium dynamics technology; Li Yuejia, brand consultant of six point operation; Wan long, big data expert of Nandou Liuxing system integration Co., Ltd., and kuaiwan TCM Fang Jialin, co-founder; Yang Shu, CEO of S & P cloud; Peng Ying, executive director of Huasheng securities; Ding Qin, co-founder of EMQ of Yingyun technology; Wang Qingjie, chairman of Beijing Defeng new journey Technology Co., Ltd.; Shi Nan, chairman of compas xinfengwei; Yang Yeqing, Shanghai ShanMa Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.; Fu Lijuan, head of Internet operation Department of Fushou cloud technology; and Hummingbird innovation (Beijing) Co., Ltd Zhao Jianxun, deputy general manager of Digital Technology Co., Ltd., and other guests shared cutting-edge views and inspired thinking on key topics such as “digital intelligence future, new infrastructure, artificial intelligence, everything on the cloud, value of data, digital healthcare, financial digitization, and new digital consumption”.

Innovation is the eternal theme of the development of the times, and it is also the inexhaustible driving force for the high-quality development of China’s economy. With the acceleration of the pace of promoting the upgrading of traditional industries by science and technology, wisdom driven, the future can be expected.

300 innovative brands gather to deliver the spirit of scientific innovation

At present, the pace of China’s construction of a world science and technology power is accelerating. More and more new technologies have been rapidly applied in various fields, stimulating surging innovation momentum, promoting the emergence of new industries, new formats and new models, and people’s production and life styles have undergone tremendous changes.

At this international science and Technology Innovation Festival, more than 300 science and technology innovation brands, including Lenovo, China gas, Unilever, Midea IOT, Bosch Internet industry, Dr. Peng group, Mengniu Dairy and perfect world, gathered here to share innovation achievements, achieve cooperation and generate value.

More than 100 scientific and technological innovation products, including Siemens Medical Arts pheno, Haier ink cartridge washing machine, Shima intelligent visionmind ยท visionmind video anomaly analysis platform, maxhub, chuangmi technology Xiaobai smart door, xiangdao rental car and so on, showed new achievements in digital transformation and shared the cutting-edge technology, products and services of digital transformation.

In the digital anti epidemic section, fast living Intelligent Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., standard puyun, kuaiwan traditional Chinese medicine, Gudong, Kaiyu group, kuaigou taxi, Pudu technology, VMware and other enterprises demonstrated their innovative practice in epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, and shared the “Chinese experience” of digital anti epidemic.

Small epitome, great development. Through the science and Technology Innovation Festival, we feel the strong pulse of the development of “science and technology innovation China”. Now, one by one, the effects of superposition, amplification and multiplication are becoming increasingly apparent, which has become a new driving force for comprehensively promoting high-quality development.

The light of science and Technology Innovation Award Announced

At present, it is a critical period for China to take advantage of the situation and plan the layout, and it is also a time for the construction of Digital China to develop in depth and promote the formation of a new development pattern in which domestic and international dual circulation promote each other. In this context, 2020 international science and Technology Innovation Festival and digital conference launched the annual selection activity of “light of science and innovation 2020”, aiming to pay tribute to the practitioners and leaders of scientific and technological innovation.

Legend and China Gas won Digital Innovation Awards

This year’s “light of science and technology innovation” annual selection has many awards, such as the person of science and technology innovation of the year, the enterprise of the year, the product of the year, and the digital innovation of the year.

Among them, Midea IOT, Haier Zhijia Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Skyworth RGB Electronics Co., Ltd., Bosch Internet industry, a.o. Smith (China) water heater Co., Ltd., Dr. Peng group, Mengniu Dairy, libon Investment Co., Ltd., Haier Yilian Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., Dongfang Yuhong construction e Institute, chuangmi Technology, Wukong travel, Lingxing biology, kaineng health, Wutian pharmaceutical, etc Ririshun logistics, Xiamen Tebu children’s products Co., Ltd., Weineng, Jiaoyang group, Yingpu technology, SANMENG Technology Co., Ltd., Dalian dalikaipu Technology Co., Ltd., Nandou Liuxing, Zhejiang Hutong Ergonomics Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhiwei robot Co., Ltd., Leju robot, Weimei holographic, hummingbird innovation (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd Ltd., Shanghai maijie Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Lianlian science and Technology Co., Ltd., Yufeng industry, Zhiyun health, Beijing naolu Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Ailong Technology Co., Ltd. were awarded the leading enterprises of science and technology innovation in 2020.

Wang Fei, general manager of Haier International cell; Xiao Hong, CEO of perfect world Co., Ltd.; Bao Quansheng, general manager of Sohu Focus; Zhang Yunlan, chairman of Kute intelligent; Li Li, chairman and CEO of Huajie Amy; Ma Hong, chairman of Yixian technology; Shi Kan, CEO of Kaiyu group; Shen Bo, founder and CEO of Gudong; Li Li Li, CEO of Baobao; Zhao Xulong, chairman of Zhendao group; Gao Xingxin, chairman of Jimi IOT Zhang Tao, founder and CEO of Pudu Technology Co., Ltd., and Wen Gebin, CEO of Chongqing dabaoke Technology Co., Ltd., were awarded the science and technology innovation figures of 2020.

Lenovo, China gas, Luzhou Laojiao, Tsingtao beer, Jialan group, Unilever, MAOZe electronics, Tianxin Tiansi, VMware, cheyipai, Jindi ceramic tile, mushroom car alliance, Yingyun technology EMQ, pharmacist Gang, Samoye digital, Zhejiang Internet financial assets trading center, pharmacist Gang, Shenzhen yigaiyou Information Technology Co., Ltd., compas xinfengwei, kaikeba, Shuiba Mu intelligence, youteyun technology, Shenzhen Zhongren Yinxing Information Technology Co., Ltd., qiboyun, etc. were awarded the 2020 Digital Innovation Award.

Ririshun, Hisense Hitachi, Trane Technology China, Youbo, Yuanxin technology group, changjietong Information Technology Co., Ltd., six o’clock operation, Weidi technology, Wanghai Kangxin (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing doctor pox science and Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen hande Financial Technology Holding Co., Ltd., Jicheng / gcteq, Guangzhou Leyao Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xianda State legal science and Technology Co., Ltd., daily yoga, crazy sports, Hunan Cheng quality manufacturing technology Co., Ltd., and Chuang Rong Shu Ke group were awarded the 2020 industry leading brand award.

Siemens Medical Arts pheno, Haier ink cartridge washing machine, Qingdao Johnson auto control York yes-rm series integrated Tianfu Dishui co supply, Huajie Amy small screen equipment 3D somatosensory camera module, snow floor heating and air conditioning integrated machine, maxhub, Jidou technology microbain 1.0 Vehicle intelligent voice assistant, qiqitong supply chain platform, Jimi IOT gt420 logistics goods GPS management locator, Wyn enterprise embedded business intelligence and report software of Xi’an grape City Software Co., Ltd. were awarded the annual product award.

Qingdao cool smart, Yida future, Gaorong capital, Haier International cell bank, platinum Asia business aviation, Fushou cloud, MAOZe electronics, Shanghai zhizunyuan group and Beijing watch buy Technology Co., Ltd. were awarded the 2020 innovation promoter award.

Vphoto, titanium technology, lvtu, Defeng technology, Weier technology, fafuli, Eason technology were awarded the 2020 digital solution award.

Unicom payment, Guofu life insurance, DINGHE Property Insurance Co., Ltd., Dalu technology, jirongyun (Shanghai) Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. were awarded the annual financial Digital Innovation Award.

Qiniuyun, worth buying technology, haique technology, Wei’er technology, qianjinding Network Technology Co., Ltd., Huasheng securities, Fulinmen, meiniao technology, dazhangfang, Chuanglian technology,, Shenzhen hande Enterprise Credit Service Co., Ltd., Guangzhou universal wallet Technology Co., Ltd., Xiaoyi technology, Zhongxiang Jinlian, kuaishu Intelligent Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. were awarded the science and technology awards Individual awards of the festival. More reading: CCFA: Top 100 supermarkets in China in 2019! Six consumption trends worth following in 2014: Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold detection kit, infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to several countries “China’s game industry report 2020”: market revenue 278.6 billion, 20% increase China’s third party mobile phone input method spring quarterly report 2020 shopping center preparation period to operation period market stabilization experience ppt version digital chemical plant 2020: shaping a new future for manufacturing industry (download attached) list of 50 Smart Companies in MIT Technology Review Chinese enterprises 2020: artificial intelligence dividend penetration and outbreak (download attached) digital China smart win future! Welcome to gmts 2020 global marketing technology summit tiobe: programming language survey in October 2020 Research Report on China’s content marketing strategy in 2020

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