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2020 is the fastest year for the commercialization of pulse recruitment, and the epidemic situation has not affected the demand for high-end talents of enterprises From Pulse Wang Qian is a website that focuses on future technologies, markets and user trends. We are responsible for collecting the latest research data, authority data, industry research and analysis reports. We are committed to becoming a data and report sharing platform for professionals and decision makers. We look forward to working with you to record the development trends of today’s economy, technology, industrial chain and business model.Welcome to follow, comment and bookmark us, and hope to share the future with you, and look forward to your success with our help.

The following is the 2020 is the fastest year for the commercialization of pulse recruitment, and the epidemic situation has not affected the demand for high-end talents of enterprises From Pulse Wang Qian recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: original, Industry information.

The traditional online recruitment market is being reconstructed by social attributes, and has been deeply rooted in the pulse of workplace social networking for more than 7 years. After the strategic upgrading in 2018, it has ushered in its own development advantages and differentiation in recruitment, especially in the field of medium and high-end talent recruitment.

The fastest year for recruitment commercialization

According to the data given by Lin fan, CEO of pulse, pulse has made many leaps in 2020 – the company team has expanded from more than 300 people in 2019 to more than 500 people; among the top companies in the new economy industry, the growth rate of active users reaches 200% – 300%; the revenue of recruitment business increases by about 300% compared with the same period last year. Wang Qian, co-founder of pulse, said that “2020 is the fastest year for the commercialization of pulse Recruitment”.

As the earliest Internet business model, Internet recruitment has grown for more than 20 years. From Zhilian recruitment, 51job, 58 city wide, LinkedIn, Liepin, boss direct employment, it covers low-end, medium and high-end product lines. And pulse is unique among them.

In Wang Qian’s description, pulse is not confined to the text-based resume database, but to establish a dynamic talent bank for enterprises to provide enterprises with the ability to find talents. On the one hand, it helps users to make work choices, on the other hand, it helps recruiters to improve efficiency and take the initiative to find more suitable talents.

The recruitment of medium and high-end talents is an important direction of the pulse layout recruitment market, “we will continue to strive to iterate our products and services.”. Not only in the Internet field, more and more high-end talents in the non internet field are beginning to rush to the pulse platform, Wang Qian said. After years of efforts, there has been a large number of Internet plus traditional high-end high-end users entering the pulse system. Pulse has built a mature organizational system for leading enterprises in various industries, so that these companies have better employer brand release, including real estate, finance, communication, manufacturing and other industries. “A lot of companies start to create their own employer brand camp in the social age through the pulse.”.

In Wang Qian’s view, pulse has three core values. The core value is the real person and the real content. There are many employees in the workplace who are fully certified. The authenticity of the information is very high. There are a lot of real information presented, so that the workplace people can get belonging, find their own circle and release the pressure. At the same time, it can help the workplace people to find customers, find partners, and improve their work efficiency. On this level, people will be found The third layer is the value of the employer’s brand.

“Many good enterprises have no place to talk about their employer’s brand. Pulse is their position. Many enterprises build enterprise numbers on the pulse platform and shoot corporate culture videos to let users know the highlights of corporate culture. Enterprises have information about employer brands here, which connects the opportunities of enterprises with the growth of employees. In the pulse platform, users can chat directly with HR, find the person in charge of the business, and directly reach the colleagues who will be working together. The core of pulse is to let users have a workplace atmosphere and scene, so that they can communicate easily and happily. ” Wang Qian said.

Talent attraction report 2020 trend

The annual Max employer brand conference is a grand gathering of the whole industry, which has been held for several years. Wang Qian shared the talent attraction report 2020 at the annual award ceremony of 2020max pulse employer selection with the theme of potential human. This report, based on 110 million workplace users and social recruitment big data, shows some significant characteristics of the talent market in 2020, including:

“Migrant workers” has become a hot word in 2020, which is the alarm of employee engagement and workplace relationship construction. Enterprises need to respond to the pain of the current workplace, and build a new type of symbiotic and win-win workplace relationship.

Overall job well-being: Education / training / scientific research, durable consumer goods, medical treatment / medicine. The three industries with the lowest overall well-being: trade / wholesale / retail, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing, and it / Internet. The employer brand should start from the “people’s heart” and respond to the workplace people’s questioning about personal development and work significance.

Talent industry attraction: it Internet industry is still the largest talent inflow industry. There is a significant outflow of talents in life service industry, manufacturing industry and finance industry.

Digital economy has become an important force to promote the cross-border transfer of talents: finance has become the first choice for Internet people, followed by education and training and cultural media industry.

Ranking of city attractiveness: Shenzhen has become the city with the largest annual net inflow of talents, followed by Hangzhou. Among the top ten, Changsha, Guiyang and other central and western cities are selected, and the second tier cities are ushering in new vitality.

Top 10 jobs in terms of talent scarcity: high-end talents such as algorithms and cloud computing are listed. With the development of audio and video entertainment industry, graphic audio and video development is very popular. However, anchors and extracurricular tutors are in great demand in 2020, which respectively confirms the rise of live broadcasting and online education.

Digital economy promotes the growth and flow of digital talents: in addition to high-end R & D positions such as architecture, algorithm and data, posts related to risk control and data security have also become high paid jobs for digital talents. Apart from it interconnection, the number of digital talents in finance, communication electronics, manufacturing and education industries is the largest, which shows that these industries are most actively embracing the digital economy.

Solving the age anxiety in the digital economy: it Internet industry has the largest number of young digital talents, while manufacturing, real estate construction, energy and power and other traditional industries have more senior digital talents. 35 + interdisciplinary talents with industry experience and digital ability have a bright future in the digital transformation of traditional industries.

Talent attraction suggestions: enterprises should see the difference of factors considered when choosing jobs for different levels of talents. With the rise of talent rank, the importance of corporate image, word-of-mouth, enterprise and industry development is increasing. To attract talents, we need to find the intersection point from three aspects: meeting point, trigger point and resonance point.

Under the epidemic situation, the demand for high-end talents of enterprises has not been affected

In the interview, Wang Qian said that no matter this year’s economic environment or the black swan incident did not affect the demands of enterprises for medium and high-end talents, which were still scarce. According to the internal data of pulse platform, the number of talents “teased” by enterprises has increased by 4.2 times from June 1 to December 11. In fact, the competition for medium and high-end talents has started secretly.

According to Wang Qian, digitization is an important keyword in 2020. This year is a particularly good window period for digital talents. Despite the epidemic situation, enterprises have not slowed down the recruitment speed of medium and high-end talents, especially the talent strategy of digital platforms is accelerating, such as online education. The demand for digital talents is very high. There are also new types of talent, such as the anchor in the live broadcast. This year, the operation post is very hot, and the operation post has been subdivided into user operation, commercial operation and strategic operation. The refinement of operation marks the direction of fine management of enterprise layout. In addition, there are some phenomena this year, that is, there may be more opportunities for middle and high-end talents than in previous years.

At the ceremony, Wang Qian gave three suggestions for Enterprise Talents: first, to take the initiative to lay out the enterprise’s self hunting team; second, to pay attention to the employer’s brand and build the enterprise’s employer fans management system; third, to build the talent data strategy to output more accurate talent strategic ability for the top level of the enterprise.

“On the one hand, enterprises should take the initiative to dig deep underwater sweepers. On the other hand, enterprises should establish employer brand positions to attract talents. In the social age, other people’s opinions are at least four times more effective than advertising, and employer brand should be the common responsibility of CEO and employee. ” Wang Qian said. (Ralf)

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