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2021 Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Expo

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Exhibition Overview

Exhibition time: August 6-7, 2021 (Friday to Saturday)

Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center (opposite to Guangjiao guild hall)


Conference industry partners: massive engine

Co sponsored by: Commercial Industry Committee of China Council for the promotion of trade

Asia Pacific media Expo (Guangzhou) International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Guangdong Service Trade Association

Guangdong live e-commerce industry alliance

Guangdong MCN Organization Alliance

Shenzhen Internet entrepreneurship and Innovation Service Promotion Association

Co organizer:   National Digital Economy Industry Alliance

Giant engine Guangfo direct marketing center

Shenzhen Augmented Reality Technology Application Association

Yiju e-commerce alliance    Liepin   Netease email

Industrial Committee of Guangdong Federation of foreign chambers of Commerce

Organizer:    Asia Pacific media Expo (Guangzhou) International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Asia Pacific new media (Guangzhou) Industrial Development Center

Special Thanks

Exhibition background

With the rapid development of digital economy, the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises is in full swing; Cloud computing, big data, AI and other applications continue to mature to support the digital transformation of enterprises; Digital consumption is diversified and personalized, which brings broad market space for digital marketing; ICT industry ecology is more open and inclusive, creating conditions for the development of digital marketing market. In particular, the market growth engine switch brought by the epidemic in early 2020 will promote the rapid development of more new brands and new formats in the digital era.

The development of digital new media will turn from communicator centered to audience centered. Digital new media will become a multimedia information terminal integrating public communication, information, service, culture and entertainment, communication and interaction. In the post epidemic era, all enterprises are facing a profound digital transformation, especially the unprecedented but unavoidable new situation of digital marketing.

On the other hand, with the rapid development of IT technology, the application of 5g, artificial intelligence and other new technologies makes shopping more convenient, and the integration of online and offline makes retail channels more diversified; Traditional retail industry is transforming to data-driven smart retail. Digitalization of users, stores, channels, production, supply chain and marketing has become the core driving force of new retail. 2021 is bound to be a new era of digital marketing. The switch of enterprise growth engine will lead to great changes in business.

Highlights of the exhibition

Authoritative organizations: CCPIT business industry committee, national business association platform, massive engine and other platforms jointly sponsor and co sponsor, with a strong lineup.

Publicity advantages: 1000 + media simultaneous reports, 100000 + enterprises precise invitation, and it is estimated that the cloud live broadcast will cover more than 100 million target audiences.

Precise invitation: the conference is expected to attract 10000 + professional buyers to attend, comprehensively display domestic and foreign digital new media marketing platforms, methods and technologies, as well as digital retail products and technologies, and reveal the popular trend and marketing strategy of digital new marketing through communication with brand enterprises, industry leading institutions, industry experts, etc.

Award ceremony: the highest standard new media e-commerce industry Oscar ceremony in the Asia Pacific region will be held. The exhibitors / shortlisted enterprises will vote online simultaneously and get tens of millions of exposure. The Chinese and foreign celebrities will act as the awarding guests and the world-class honorary endorsements to establish the industry authority for the enterprises and help the market development.

Rich activities: Exhibition + meeting + award + interview + broadcast, which is the best platform for enterprises to show strength, promote products, expand channels, enhance brand, honor endorsement and establish authoritative position.

Scope of exhibition

5g digital media exhibition area: 5g technology, short video media, social media, e-commerce platform, live broadcast platform, search media, vertical media, online video media, comprehensive information media, life service media, audio media and other new media platforms; Outdoor and indoor digital media; Digital marketing planning service providers, digital marketing software.

Marketing digital exhibition area: MCN organization, live and short video marketing, live intelligent equipment and software, digital payment service provider, search engine optimization, e-mail, mobile advertising, micro mall, micro store, small program and other network marketing service provider, server and hosting service provider, network and communication operation equipment and service provider, advertising marketing data monitoring and analysis service provider.

Retail digital exhibition area: smart digital stores, smart supermarket shelves, smart cash register equipment, vending machines, unattended retail terminals, technologies and products; Digital display products and equipment, automatic business service equipment, intelligent monitoring and security equipment, intelligent shop inspection technology, CRM system, store loss prevention technology, lighting / display management system, customer management system, business information technology, electronic price tag, cloud technology application, payment solutions, passenger flow analysis, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, AR / VR  、 Blockchain, etc.

Supporting service exhibition area: smart warehousing and logistics, new media advertising design and production service providers, digital new media talent training, new media display creative design, new retail consulting and operation service providers, etc.

Simultaneous activities

Asia Pacific New Media Digital Marketing Summit Forum

Asia Pacific Digital new retail Summit Forum

Digital marketing training

Asia Pacific Digital Marketing annual ceremony

Top 100 Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Innovation Enterprise Award and award ceremony

Media interview (award winning guests, speakers)

Exhibition feature

Face to face with more than 10000 high-quality viewers with purchasing decision-making power from corporate advertisers, advertising companies, media, etc., to explore unlimited business opportunities; 500 + investment institutions came to the scene.

Stand out and become one of the leading digital marketing suppliers in the world and China; Accurately disseminate the latest products, services, solutions and values of digital marketing suppliers through display and communication, speech communication, event naming and sponsorship, etc;

The exhibition scheme of bag check-in can provide sufficient on-site display for the sponsor enterprises and show the strength of the enterprise; Save the high cost of exhibition arrangement and complicated construction process;

300 + strong cooperative media publicity offensive to create an accurate communication platform; Before the exhibition, during the exhibition and after the exhibition, all-round reports were carried out, and the official we media was used to push more than 100000 fans in real time and accurately.

At the same time, 30 + summit forums will be held to explore cutting-edge technology and grasp unlimited business opportunities.

Charging standard

(1) Standard booth: ¥  10800/9m2  / Piece (9m2 / piece / exhibition period, double opening plus 2000 yuan)

(the basic configuration includes three display boards, lintel board, spotlight, socket, carpet, 1 round table, 2 chairs and 1 consultation table.)

(2) Indoor open space: ¥  1000/m2

(starting from 36 square meters, excluding any configuration, only net space is provided, and the management fee of decoration electricity is paid by oneself)

(3) Forum speech: 10000 yuan / 10 minutes, 20000 yuan / 20 minutes, 30000 yuan / 30 minutes.

(4) Free advertisement: free directory of exhibitors, with no more than 300 words in Chinese and English.

(5) Paid conference magazine advertisement: (10000 copies, on-site Purchasing Guide, 210x140mm).

Cover two ¥ 10000 yuan      Cover three ¥ 6000 yuan    Color inside page ¥ 3000 yuan

(6) Package package for brand enterprises

Silver sponsor: 60000 yuan, including 36 square meters of bare space booth + 30000 yuan of special equipment + 10 minutes of speech + 1 annual award.

Gold sponsor: 100000 yuan, including 72 square meters of bare land + 60000 yuan worth of special equipment + 10 minutes of speech + 2 Annual Awards.

Organizing Committee Secretariat  ( Application form and plan for exhibition (on request)

Asia Pacific media Expo (Guangzhou) International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Land   Address: no.1020, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Electricity   Tel: 020-62875755   sixty-two million eight hundred and seventy-five thousand seven hundred and fifty-five

Contact person: Nie Fei 13025108063

2021 Asia Pacific new media digital marketing Expo

201 Asia Pacific Digital retail Summit & Expo

Application form  ( Agency contract  )

August 6-7, 2021 Guangzhou Pazhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center

Unit name



Unit address

(zip code)



Business license code

Legal representative

fixed telephone

Net       site

Application area

£  Bare land   ___   m2     Or £  Standard booth (9m2)___   individual

exhibition   position   number

Subtotal ¥

Forum speech

Subtotal ¥

Advertisement On The Journal

Subtotal ¥

Award participation

Subtotal ¥

Other publicity

Subtotal ¥


Target customer groups

Total amount

a lowercase letter ¥ element

Amount in words:      ten    Ten thousand    Thousand    100    Yuan only

The company promises that within 2 working days     Year    Month     If the payment is paid in advance, it will be regarded as giving up the participation qualification automatically.



Asia Pacific media Expo (Guangzhou) International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Address: 1601, building D, poly world trade, No. 1020, Xingang East Road, Guangzhou

Tel: 020-62875755   sixty-two million eight hundred and seventy-five thousand seven hundred and twenty

Contact person: Nie Fei     Mobile: 13025108063

Company name:

contacts:             mobile phone:

post    To be sure:

Post    Box:

Collection account:

Asia Pacific media Expo (Guangzhou) International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Bank of deposit:

China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Pazhou sub branch

Account No.: 44050110147400002103

(organizer’s confirmation seal)

year       month       day

Opinions of leaders of exhibitors:

_________________( (signature)

(seal of exhibitor)

year       month       day

Simultaneous activities






June 6


Opening ceremony and

Asia Pacific 5g new media digital marketing innovation forum

Conference area


Asia Pacific 5g new media digital retail Summit

Conference area


Top 100 Asia Pacific digital marketing awards ceremony

Activity area


July 7


Asia Pacific new media live e-commerce Forum

Conference area


Digital marketing special supplier docking Conference

Activity area


June 7


Host conference Live Room


Exhibition, communication and negotiation

exhibition area

Online cloud exhibition and short video challenge


Liepin – Recruitment

Online Asia Pacific new media talent exchange


2021 Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Annual Awards Ceremony

The stars are shining  | all eyes are fixed on   | Star dream factory

Asia Pacific’s most influential digital marketing transformation innovation enterprise of the year

Asia Pacific’s most influential digital marketing leader of the Year Award


This conference will award the outstanding enterprises and benchmark figures of digital marketing in this year.

Known as the Asia Pacific region’s highest standard new media Oscar ceremony – Xi Media Award, the star making dream factory in the field of new media digital marketing, it was jointly selected by the global new media industry association / alliance, various industry associations, well-known experts, authoritative institutions and industry media before the conference, and combined with various new media platforms, online Red cities, live broadcast agencies, MCN agencies, news media, media, media, media, etc According to the questionnaire of the organizing committee, a group of outstanding people and enterprises were strictly evaluated by the evaluation committee offline, and they were shortlisted as the most influential enterprise of the year and the most influential person of the year.

All shortlisted enterprises and representatives of the person of the year will participate in the online voting of the highest honor of the Greek Media Award to compete for the popularity of the top list; Finally, a grand award ceremony will be held to award awards to the representatives of the award-winning enterprises and the award-winning persons of the year; And selected part of the award-winning representatives to be interviewed by the media.

The second international summit on digital transformation of China’s manufacturing industry in 2020 will be held in Yinli, Shanghai. How do Amazon and Amazon data analysts work? Appsflyer: global mobile application participation in 2017 What is data center? 2021 the second Asia FMCG 2021 will be held in Guangzhou from May 13 to 14. The latest development of CDIE 2019: China Digital Innovation Exhibition and chief information officer summit new guest partner medtrend medical trend: after masks and ventilators, new crown materials shortage, sword finger dialysis products! 50 + global speakers, 1000 + enterprise decision-makers, 10W + crowd reach cdie2020! 2019 International Summit on network security compliance and data protection practices Asia Pacific media Expo helps Guangzhou to build a city of live e-commerce. Suning image intelligent analysis platform and practice are integrated to help new practice of digital government. Belgium Noble Group holds the 16th China Retail Industry Development Summit Forum, which will be held in Shanghai in September

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